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In the Outer Hebrides a Christian tradition still survives the onslaught of modern secular society. Every member of the community shares an education in that tradition. Church, the home and the sch...ool have their part in teaching the young and encouraging the adults to explore Christian theology, and make use of their knowledge in shared discussion and meetings.
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Module code and title: E200, Contemporary issues in education
Item code: E200; 12
First transmission date: 02-07-1982
Published: 1982
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Duration: 00:23:49
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Producer: Suzanne,1941- Campbell-Jones
Contributors: Donald Mackinnon; Jessie Robertson; James Shirran; John Murdo-Smith; Roddy MacKinnon; Thomas Morrison
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Hebrides; North Uist; Theology
Footage description: Opening film of a Gaelic church service on North Uist is followed by a brief look at a map of Britain, then shots of typical Hebridean views. Over film of a North Uist cattle market the OU's Donald Mackinnon makes brief reference to the island's "stern Calvinism", its geography and its economy. Shots of road-building, seaweed collection and peat-cutting, with explanatory commentary from Mackinnon in voice-over. Stills of villagers going to church long ago are followed by shots of their modern descendents doing likewise. Over these, and then to camera, Jessie Robertson describes how the Sabbath was celebrated during her childhood. Brief shots of a church over which Mackinnon comments on the use of Gaelic. Shots of elderly farmer James Shirran walking across fields. In interview he explains how he learnt to read the bible in Gaelic as a child and how to sing psalms in Gaelic. He sings over a variety of shots of the North Uist landscape. Film of children walking to Sunday school, over which Mackinnon remarks on the popularity of such schools. We observe boys and girls being tested on chapter and verse of the Bible, then all the children together singing hymns. Film of an adult prayer meeting over which Rev. Roddy Mackinnon describes the procedure at such meetings. He describes private family worship, over film of a family reading the bible and praying together in Gaelic. Shots of the Rev. John Murdo Smith on his way to church over which Donald Mackinnon comments on the efforts of the church for the conversion of individuals. Rev. Smith is seen preaching a sermon about having a conversion experience. Shots of ferry and of stained glass window. Over shots of a North Uist coastscape Mackinnon explains that most take up full membership of the church in late middle-age. Shots of James Shirran with sheep, then in interview he describes his own call and explains the difference it has made to his life. Film of him and other villagers driving cattle. Shots of church, boat and seabirds, over which Mackinnon describes church testimony meetings. Thomas Morrison is interviewed. He describes at length the anguish he felt before experiencing conversion, and describes the benefits that result from it. Film of seabirds and island views over which a congregation is heard singing Gaelic hymns. Credits.
Master spool number: OU 3563
Production number: 00525_6247
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