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General shots of various London docks. Their general decline is described, and the growth of property development. Thomas, Gabinet and Marks all discuss different points. Gabinet, Blarney and describe some of the reasons for and the effects of rapid containerisation. Thomas, a docker, concentrates on the differences in work and social patterns. Thomas and Learmouth, a union shop steward, assess the effects on control of the industry. The issue of severance pay for cutting back staff is outlined. The question of job loss leads into a discussion of the coldstore difficulties and the use of non-registered dockers. The dockers clash with the Industrial Relations Act is described, what was achieved, and why the men felt it was necessary. Learmouth, the shop steward, and Mundy, a Union official, discuss what they see as the effects of the industrial action. They also outline the official and unofficial union position on the action. Finally the issue of invoking the law is discussed and whether the dockers may need to take further action to secure their jobs. The programme looks at the problem of London Docks, it's run down, the effects of containerisation, the Industrial Relations Act, etc.
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Module code and title: P881, Industrial relations
Item code: P881; 02
First transmission date: 07-03-1976
Published: 1976
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Note: Also used for PT281
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Producer: Kenneth Patton
Contributors: John Gabinet; Ken Marks; Lennie Thomas
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 1972; Container traffic; Dispute; Industrial Relations Act; London docks; Loss of jobs; Port of London Authority
Master spool number: 6HT/71732
Production number: 00525_71732
Videofinder number: 1275
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