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This is the second of 2 films shot in Sweden for this Course. About one third of the adult population is involved in Sweden's developing programme of recurrent education. Enormous resources are plo...ughed into general adult study, not only by central and local government, but also by the churches, the political parties, the temperance societies, and the trade unions. Bob Bell, Lecturer in Education Studies at the Open University, examines some of the different schemes and discusses them with management, unions, teachers and students. The film shows some of the varied teaching materials, including those of TRU - the Government organisation most resembling the Open University methods and influence.
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Module code and title: E221, Decision making in British education systems
Item code: E221; 08
First transmission date: 05-10-1974
Published: 1974
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Contributors: Bob Bell; Folke Halden; Ereno Kasimir; Agneta Kern; Anne Ryman; Anna Brown; Ulla Martins
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Political parties; Recruitment; Recurrent/adult education; Runo Skolan; Sweden; Teaching materials; Temperance societies; Trade unions; TRU
Footage description: Shots of Swedish Royal Guard band playing to crowd of people in Stockholm. Bell introduces the subject of the programme - Sweden's programme of recurrent education. Various shots of workmen - driving forklift truck, mending escalator, welding. Bell shows how important recurrent education is in Sweden, why it is done, who runs it etc. Halden explains the employers attitude. Shots of posters advertising education programmes, and of students at the Runo Skolan run by a large trade union. Bell continues to outline the extent of the education programmes, the massive support it receives and how it is also underpinned by government legislation, and retraining centres. Bell talks to Kasimir about the Runo Skolan. He asks Kern and Ryman why they are doing the courses, how they found them etc. More shots of students working at Runo. Bell explains the role of TRU which produces a lot of the audio visual materials in use in adult education. Shots of studio, cameramen etc. Bell outlines how recruiting is done, often at work, for the courses. Bell talks to Brown about the English classes she runs for ABF, a large union, how many people it involves, how successful they are etc. Halden again talks of the employers attitude, how they cope, how they are involved etc. Shots of teacher with students. Bell explains how all age groups are taught in the same class. He interviews Martins about this, the problems it causes. He then asks some mature students why they are studying and how well they get on with the younger students. Bell concludes by asking Halden to explain why the Swedes in general, both employers and employees, favour this recurrent education idea. Credits over game of chess being played on a giant size board.
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