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The first of two programmes about Education in Portugal shows the background to the changes since April 1974 and then examines a number of educational situations as they exist in early 1977 in a r...apidly changing political situation. A secondary school which has occupied and now works a derelict farm is seen and the reasons for this extension of the school curriculum explained. The idea that school activities should be related to the productive activities of the region is defended. The work of two centres of people's culture is seen, in particular, the literacy classes at Vila Vicosa (peasants) and in an industrial area of Porto (workers). Finally an ordinary primary school in a rural area in the south is investigated: differences since 1976 are noted in classroom practice, use of school grounds, curriculum and the relationship between school and local community. The film ends by showing an eight year old from the school teaching his own father to read from his own schoolbook.
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Module code and title: E202, Schooling and society
Item code: E202; 10
First transmission date: 18-09-1977
Published: 1977
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Producer: Edward Milner
Contributors: Roger Dale; Alberto Melo
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): April 25, 1974; Authority; CEEC; Fabopol; Literacy; Multinationals; Oporto; Orada; Radical alternatives; Vila Vicosa
Footage description: Over film of Portugese peasants, Milner comments on the repression of Salazar's regime. Film of the dictator, over which his rise to power and political beliefs are described. Shots of schools from the Salazar period, over which the educational system is described. Film of the revolution of April 1974, over which ensuring social change is described. Opening titles. Film of a farm community school in Southern Portugal. Teachers and pupils working here describe the project enthuse about its success. Film of the village of Vila Vicosa, over which Milner describes the setting up of a workers' literacy class. Film of the class in progress is followed by interviews with pupils and teacher about the need for such classes. Shots of a "centre of people's culture" called CEEC, which operates in Oporto. Milner describes CEEC and the industrial environment in which it works. Film of a literacy class held by CEEC in the Fabopol factory. (English translation in voice-over). Film of a traditional village primary school at Orada. In interview the headteacher describes changes at the school since April, 1974. Milner describes some agricultural activities at the school. Children at the school are questioned about literacy amongst their parents. Short sequence showing a small boy teaching his father to read.
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