Presented by Andrew Blowers, Lecturer in Geography, this programme examines how economic fortunes influence communities. It postulates the idea that communities can be crucially affected by economi...c change. The approach is a case-study of mining villages in Co. Durham. The Durham coalfield has undergone great economic decline with widespread pit closures. This decline is illustrated graphically. The effects on the villages are described by interviews with the villagers of Ferryhill Station, one community which has suffered a major pit closure. How the Planning Authority has sought to deal with the problem and plan a new industrial and housing strategy for the county is the latter part of the programme. The programme includes Mr. Atkinson, the area Industrial Relations Officer of the NCB.
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Module code and title: D281, New trends in geography
Item code: D281; 05
First transmission date: 21-05-1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: Andrew Blowers; G. L. Atkinson; Tommy Foster
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Coal mining; Durham; Economics; Geography; Industrial decline
Footage description: Andy Blowers introduces the programme. A mining area in County Durham is to be examined to see what information it can yield on rapid change in communities. Blowers shows maps of Co. Durham before and after the development of mining, showing the locations of communities. The study area is outlined and Blowers then describes the development of mining and the nature of the communities developed as a result. He chooses Hett as characteristic of the agricultural, East Howell of the mining village. The latter is used (with illustrated film) to trace the development and decline of a mining community. A series of maps also are used to illustrate the rise and decline. Maps are used to show the accelerating rate of pit closures in Co. Durham since 1945. Mr. Atkinson of the N.C.B. outlines the reasons for the contraction of mining. Blowers explains what such rapid changes means in terms of the communities based on mining. Ferryhill Station, a village within the study area, is chosen as representative of the villages affected by the recent pit closure programme.
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