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This programme comprises a largely studio based demonstration of Open University educational philosophy, practices and learning materials to the European Broadcast Union in Basel. It is introduced an uncredited presenter who talks about the range of media used in an Open University course and the levels of student support. It then focuses on the foundation science course (S100) and includes a clip of Michael Pentz talking about the role of the course team. The demonstration continues with Michael Neil talking about the systems approach to university teaching adopted by the Open University and James McCloy speaking about the broadcast element of Open University teaching which is demonstrated by Russell Stannard conducting an experiment. James McCloy concludes by introducing the home experiment kits sent out to foundation science students. -- Following the demonstration to the E.B.U., the broadcast element of unit 1 of the science foundation course (S100/01) where Michael Pentz demonstrates Galileo's inclined plane experiment is shown in full.
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First transmission date: 01-12-1970
Published: 1970
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Duration: 01:02:55
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Contributors: James McCloy; Michael Neil
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Distance education--Great Britain; Open University;
Master spool number: BOU1390
Production number: 6LT770143
Available to public: no