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This programme looks at the behavioural problems of a five year old boy. It follows his family as they undergo therapy at London's Maudsley Hospital. Various techniques are illustrated - individual... therapy and more behavioural training in parenting skills. Six months later we see what progress they have made. This programme has been re-cut from two QED programmes: 'The Family Game' and 'Is Love Enough?'.
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Module code and title: ED209, Child development
Item code: ED209; 06
First transmission date: 1994
Published: 1994
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Duration: 00:24:02
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Producer: Paul Manners
Contributor: Andrew Sachs
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Behavioural psychology; Charlotte Seymour; Child therapies; Grief therapy; Katherine Payne; Maudsley Hospital; Nicki Jamieson; Parent/child game; Stephen Wolkind; Sue Jenner; Webber family
Subject terms: Behaviour disorders in children; Behaviour therapy; Child rearing--Psychology; Families; Parent and child; Parenting--Psychology; Problem children
Footage description: Footage - boy (Andrew) throwing tantrum in shop. Father (Clive) trying to contain him. Cashiers watching. Andrew banging on car roof. Parents & children outside school. Clive speaking. Children in playground (0'23"-1'43") - Factory. Parents & girl (Joanna) walking to house. Mother (Amanda) carrying Andrew to bed. Train approaching station. Cooling towers. Andrew under table on train. Traffic. Family walking along street, up steps to door of Maudsley Hospital. Family enter hospital (1'44"-3'00") - Stephen Wolkind speaking. Parents in observation room. Video camera. Team of therapists observing. Clive speaking on TV screen. Charlotte Seymour talking to Andrew. Wolkind speaking to parents. Close up Andrew. Close up Charlotte speaking to Andrew. Joanna speaking to therapist. Wolkind speaking to parents (3'01"-5'55"). Family walking down street. Family in burger bar. Andrew runs off. Family through window. Wolkind speaking. Family walk past Maudsley Hospital sign. Family playing in observation room. Team of therapists observing and discussing. Views of team, family interacting. Chart showing interactive behaviours. Family playing in observation room. Team in discussion. Chart (5'56"-8'52") - Sue Jenner speaking to parents. Andrew walking with therapist. Amanda & Andrew in observation room. Sue speaking into microphone to Amanda while she plays with Andrew (8'54"-12'07") - Family having lunch. Therapist taking notes. Close up Andrew, Amanda. Therapist talking to Amanda. Amanda speaking (12'08"-13'43") - Train. Andrew & Amanda playing at home. Close up Andrew. Parents speaking to therapist. Team observing Andrew in observation room. Sue walks through door & sits behind glass screen (13'44"-15'08") - Andrew & Clive playing in observation room. Sue speaking to team. Andrew & Clive interacting. Sue speaking to Clive while he plays with Andrew. Andrew leaves room. Clive retrieves him, stops him leaving. Therapists. Clive sits Andrew on chair (15'09"-18'18") - Clive & Amanda speaking. Toy truck in sandpit. Andrew & therapist. Close up Andrew. Andrew playing with Charlotte. Joanna playing with Katherine Payne. Katherine speaking. Katherine & Joanna enter playroom. Joanna sits & plays with Andrew. Joanna & Andrew playing outside. Amanda speaking. Andrew enters kitchen & speaks to Amanda (18'19"-21'00") - Sue speaking to Clive as he plays with Andrew in observation room. Sue observing, completing chart. Sue speaking to team. Amanda & Andrew in observation room. Andrew throws pushchair. Amanda sits him on chair (21'01"-21'47") - Family walking along street 6 mths later. Clive & Amanda speaking. Joanna speaking. Close up Andrew. Children drawing. Family at graveside. Family walking. Joanna & Andrew (21'48"-24'00").
Master spool number: DOU7850
Production number: DOU7850
Videofinder number: 6626
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