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This programme looks at Britain's passion for chocolate and its history
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First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:28:50
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Producer: Lisa MacHale
Contributors: Robert Barron; Tony Bilsborough; Margaret Broomfield; Carl Chinn; Chantal Coady; Alan Coxon; Marion Hetherington; Sally Horrocks; Sara Jayne-Stanes; David Kilkast; David Peters; Kathy Sykes; Alan Valender
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Keyword(s): Bournville; Cadburys; Cheesecake; Cocoa bean; Frys; Nestle; Rowntree
Subject terms: Food--Great Britain--History; Quakers--History
Footage description: Footage - Opening credits. Chocolate factory workers. Alan Coxon and Kathy Sykes preparing food. Man biting into chocolate bar (0'00"-0'50") Alan opening fridge and walking over to Kathy at table. Kathy grating orange. Alan showing ingredients for cheesecake. Cooking chocolate. Alan and Kathy breaking chocolate and smelling it. Breaking chocolate. Kathy tasting chocolate (0'51"-"2'00") Boy emerges from shop and holds up Lion bar. Boy emerges from shop and holds up Dairy Milk bar. Girl emerges from shop and holds up Galaxy bar. Girl emerges from shop and holds up Mars Bar. Box of chocolates. B/w 1800s prints - "Drink Cadburys cocoa" and "Frys pure concentrated cocoa". Sara Jayne Staynes speaking. Old fashioned confectioners, man behind window opening box of Frys chocolates (2'01"-2'50") Sara speaking. Frys chocolate. Print of Victorian confectioners. Old fashioned till. Sally Horrocks speaking. B/w film of cocoa bags being loaded onto ship. Old fashioned chocolate boxes. Prints of Victorian children outside confectioners and factory. B/w still "Rowntrees cocoa works". Carl Chinn speaking. B/w still chocolate factory workers. Print of Victorian confectioners. B/w film of man checking boxes. B/w still of workers. 2 Frys posters. B/w film of hands closing Cadburys box, omnibus with Cadburys advertising (2'51"-4'05") Sally speaking. Suchard poster. Carl speaking. B/w stills Cadburys workers. Carl speaking. B/w film chocolate production. Sara speaking. B/w film Cadburys glasses of milk. Carl speaking. Cadburys crest. Chocolate boxes. Company signs. Carl speaking (4'06"-5'31") B/w film factory workers, 1940s street scenes. Carl speaking. B/w film cocoa bags at docks, men loading, steam train. B/w still Cadburys vans, Rowntrees factory, female workers. Chris speaking. Posters - Cadburys, Rowntrees, Frys. Flake. Chocolate wrappers. Rowntrees poster (5'32"-6'40") B/w stills George Harris, Rowntree factory, female workers. Sally speaking. B/w film children running. Smarties, Aero. Posters - Black Magic and Rowntrees. Chocolate Crisp bar. Kit Kat poster. Sally speaking. Kit Kat close ups. Stills Kit Kat ads. 1950s TV Kit Kat ad. B/w film WWII soldiers. Boxes of Kit Kats. Sally speaking. Factories. B/w still munitions workers. Sara speaking. B/w film of end of rationing (6'41"-8'20") Chocolate bars on shelves. Sweets. Kathy and Alan preparing cheesecake in kitchen. Chocolate melting in a bowl (8'21"-9'57") Posters - Frys, Rowntrees, Cadburys. Chris speaking. Drawings of Quaker congregation, mounted soldier. Chris speaking. B/w film factory workers packing boxes. Bible and whiskey. B/w film 1900s street. Frys poster. Title page from "Mrs Beeton's book of household management". Sally speaking (9'58"-11'11") B/w stills Bournville village, George Cadbury. Excert from "Bournville Story". Chris speaking. Margaret Broomfield standing outside her house. Margaret speaking. B/w film of slums. Margaret speaking. B/w stills kitchen, workers' houses. Margaret speaking. B/w stills gardens, Joseph Rowntree, Rowntree factory (11'12"-12'26") Robert Barron standing in doorway. B/w stills New Earswick village. Robert speaking. B/w stills houses. Archive film of New Earswick, factory workers (12'27"-13'09") Margaret speaking. B/w photos of Margaret. Margaret speaking. Archive film of children swimming, lake, bowling green. Robert speaking. B/w film gym, footballers. Film of factory workers at work and play. Chris speaking. Workers eating in canteen. Chris speaking. Factories. Rob speaking. Margaret speaking (13'10"-14'43") Shots of Alan and Kathy preparing cheesecake in kitchen. Cocoa powder (14'44"-15'46")
Master spool number: BOU10944
Production number: FEUP837A
Videofinder number: 6384
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