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Module code and title: S207, The physical world
Item code: S207; 02
Published: 2000
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Duration: 00:29:02
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Producer: Stephen Evanson
Contributors: Paul Davies; Neil Johnson; Robert Llwellyn; Abraham Pais; David Papineau
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Albert Einstein; EPR experiment; Niels Bohr; Photons; Quantum mechanics; Quantum theory
Footage description: Footage - Robert Llewellyn dropping sphere down stairwell. Robert Looking at model railway. Speeding car. Close-up of Robert Llewellyn face. Female with helicopter taking off in background. View of helicopters. Female holding a slinky. Female in hospital gown and mask. Ship on sea (0'01"-0'22") External views of Elsinore Castle. Robert Llewellyn outside Elsinore Castle. Views of Elsinore Castle. Robert with light snow falling around him outside Elsinore castle. View of Elsinore Castle panning to Robert standing in a doorway (0'23"-1'30") B/w still Niels Bohr. Robert Llewellyn and a tin box. Raindrop on twig. B/w still Einstein. B/w footage Niels Bohr and grandchild. B/w still Bohr's drawings. B/w footage Einstein (1.31"-2'00") Neil Johnson talking. Someone drawing on a board. Paul Davies talking. B/w still Bohr's drawings. Abraham Pais talking. View of traffic moving. Robert Llewellyn in a street in Copenhagen, he raises a video camera to his face, turns with video camera to reveal Robert in woods. B/w still Einstein panning to Bohr. B/w still Einstein and Bohr walking together (2'01"-3'54") Robert in copenhagen. Paul Davies. B/w still Solvay conference. Abraham Pais. Clock. B/w still Niels Nohr at blackboard. B/w still Young Einstein and Mileva. David Papineau. B/w still group of scientists. Focus to trees outside window. Water. Finn Aaserud drawing on blackboard. B/w still Bohr Neil Johnson. Sepia still of Einstein with hat on. Robert Llewellyn at lake side panning across to water (3'55"-5'54") B/w footage Niel Bohr. B/w still Bohr's drawings. Finn Aaserud. Niels Bohr on Banknote. B/w still Niel Bohr and Abraham Pais. Exterior view of Niels Bohr Institute. B/w still Group at Copenhagen conference. Paul Davies. Abraham Pais. B/w still Solvay conference. B/w still Einstein with hat panning to Bohr. Abraham Pais. 2 B/w stills of Bohr and Einstein at Ehrenfest's house. B/w still Einstein and Bohr(5'55"-9'13") Robert Llewellyn seated on steps. Moving water. Views of woodland panning down to Robert Llewellyn. Robert with silver tin box, opens box, extracts glove and puts it on. Leaves. Robert with silver tin box .Abraham Pais. B/w still Einstein lecturing at congres de Paris (9'14"-11'49") Robert Llewellyn at Elsinore Castle. paul Davies. B/w still Einstein in Japan. B/w still Einstein. Water. B/w still Einstein getting prize at Sorbonne David Papineau. Water. Paul Davies. Clock. B/w footage Einstein . Abraham Pais (11'50"- 14'06") Robert walking in street in Copenhagen. View of branches panning down to Robert LLewellyn walking through a snow covered field. B/w still Bohr at summerhouse. B/w footage Bohr. Neil Johnson. David Papineau. B/w stills Bohr looking out at garden: At blackboard: Lecturing. Close-up of Robert (14'07-15'48") B/w footage Bohr. 3 B/w stills of Bohr. David papineau. B/w still Einstein intercut with clocks. 2 B/w stills Einstein: Einstein looking down in chair: in sweatshirt. David Papineau. Robert llewellyn in summerhouse with two tins on a table in front of him (15'49"-17'54") Quantum computer. Close-up of Robert Llewellyn, opens tin to show a glove inside, opens second tin. Views of Robert with the two tins in front of him. David Papineau. Abraham Pais. B/w still Einstein in leather jacket. B/w footage Einstein in woolly hat at Princeton. B/w footage of Bohr in chair;in garden. Abraham Pais. B/w footage Bohr feeding grandchild: in garden with grandchild. B/w still John Bell. Page from Pysical review letters (17'55"-21'25") View across lake. Gloves resting on saddle of bike, Nicolas Gisin puts them on and rides the bike through the streets. Exterior shot of Swisscom. Quantum computer. Cables. Wolfgang Tittle showing laser. Nicolas Gisin by a sink interspersed with gloves in tins. Wolfgang Tittle showing cables. Speeded up panning left past buildings. Wolfgang Tittle. Speeded up panning right past buildings. Speeded up journey through streets of Geneva. Wolfgang outside building. Nicolas Gisin (21'26"-25'02") Bernex sign. Tin with gloves in. Bellevue sign. Tin with gloves in. Nicolas Gisin. Quantum computer. Nicolas Gisin. Robert Llewellyn in front of blackboard. Paul Davies. B/w still Einstein in hat. B/w footage of Bohr. B/w footage Einstein. Water. Raindrops on twig. Paul Davies (25'03"-27'43") B/w still Bohr at blackboard: Bohr's drawings. B/w still Einstein reading paper. David Papineau. Abraham Pais. Water (27'44"-29'00")
Master spool number: DOU10075
Production number: FEUS052N
Videofinder number: 6315
Available to public: no