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Module code and title: S207, The physical world
Item code: S207; 05
Published: 2000
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Duration: 00:29:05
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Producer: Stephen Evanson
Contributors: Angela Lamont; Andrew Norton; Tony Pawlyn
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cornwall; Electromagnetic radiation; Electromagnetic waves; Electromagnetism; Fishing; Radio waves; Sound waves
Footage description: Footage - Robert Llewellyn dropping sphere down stairwell. Robert looking at model railway. Speeding car. Close-up of Robert Llewellyn's face. Female with helicopter taking off in background. View of helicopters. Female holding a slinky. Female in hospital gown and mask. Ship on sea (0'01"-0'21") Angela Lamont walking by quayside panning to the boats. Boats on sea. Male untying rope, which is winched up. 2 males operate winching mechanism (0'22"-0'58") Tony Pawlyn. Male with sea and birds in background. Net being brought in and unloaded on boat. Angela by sea. Angela on boat in harbour showing the radio transmitted box (0'59"-1'38") Boat at sea. Sealion. Fish thrown into basket. Crates being lifted. Cafe board with menu written on. Close-up of hands making a pie. 2 males on small boat leaving the harbour. Rope being winched up. Bird (seagull). Cafe sign. Fish. Male touching a swan. View of someone walking along the road. View of Looe (1'39"-2'17") Angela by harbour side with Looe in b/g, walks out of shot. Angela crouches by water (2'18"-2'50") Neil Murray and Armand Toms cleaning their boats, which are side-by-side. Angela greets Neil and Armand from quayside. View of men on boats. Seagull on post. Views of Angela, Neil and Armand. Views of Neil and Armand pair trawling, using the gear, landing fish (2'51"-4'21") Tony Pawlyn. Water dripping from rail panning to sea. Mother and child on beach. Sheryll Murray. Male panning to include another, both are casting a net. Sheryll, Raynor Toms and child. View of one boat from another. Neil Murray talking on mobile phone (4'22"-5'45") Tony Pawlyn. Male using ship-to-shore radio. View of boat. Neil showing Angela telecommunications on board. Male talking on radio. Neil shows Angela all telecommunication screen on board (5'46"-7'27") Ducks taking off from lake. Andrew Norton with lake in b/g. Aerials on ships in harbour. Andrew. Angela and Neil on boat. Hand on rubber, panning up to Ivan Chaston. Close-up of waves made from moving boat. Ivan on boat. Lewis Butters. Ivan Chaston. Lewis Butters. View of harbour. Lewis and Ivan with boats in b/g. View of one boat at sea from another (7'28"-9'30") Angela Lamont. Neil and Armand overlooking sea. Neil and Armand walking away from each other. Angela Lamont with Neil and Armand still walking away from each other. Armand. Andrew Norton. Neil and Armand walking apart (9'31"-10'25") Angela Lamont in kitchen with a slinky. Close-up of slinky. Andrew Norton. Slinky. Angela. Andrew picks up a can with string through the bottom of can. Tony Pawlyn. Armand is handed a loud hailer, puts it to his mouth. Neil Murray, Angela appears in shot and hands him a loud hailer, Neil moves out of shot. Hailer up to Neil's mouth. Armand put hailer to his mouth. Armand and Neil speak to each other from their respective boats using the loud hailers. Neil puts his thumb up (10'26"-12'35") Tony Pawlyn. Neil using loud hailer whilst Angela is standing next to him. View of other boat. Neil and Angela. Tony Pawlyn. Lewis Butters. Boat at sea surrounded by birds. Birds. Waves. Boat at sea (12'36"-14'20") Armand working on boat. Rayna Toms with child. Armand on boat. View of boat. Angela standing on river bed, moves out of shot. Andrew Norton. B/w still Marconi and radio equipment. B/w footage of Marconi wearing headphones and some radio equipment. B/w footage of radio tapping. B/w still Dr Crippen. B/w still "Melrose" boat. Pan across boat tracks. B/w still Dr Crippen and boy. Angela sat on rock with sea in b/g. Waves crashing. Andrew Norton. Waves. Angela holding slinky in front of face, puts slinky down (sea in b/g) (14'21"-17'58") Andrew Norton. B/w footage of Moon landing. Angela Lamont on beach. Angela on beach flying a kite. tony Pawlyn. Rain on pavement panning to houses. Angela with Sheryll. Boat leaving harbour. Angela panning to Neil and Armand sitting infront of table with pieces to construct a radio, then constructing radio, interspersed with Andrew Norton with a radio part (17'59"-22'30") Neil exits from house holding a reel of wire and a torch. Angela Lamont walking along beach at night holding a torch, walking towards camera. Waves crash on shore. Waves on lake. Andrew Norton interspersed with shots of waves. Neil unwinding wire outside at night. Arman seated at table with home constructed radio, Angela joins him, attaches an amplifier. Neil joins them. close-up of home made radio (22'31"-24'45") Andrew Norton sitting at table with radio. Close-up of radio display. Waves crashing. Angela by the sea. Andrew Norton. Angela Lamont. Andrew. Waves. Boat at sea. Kettle boiling. TV screen showing weather forecast. Shots of Armand and Neil on board boat. Waves created at rear of boat. Angela sitting on edge of peir with sea in b/g. Lewis Butters. Tony Pawlyn. Shots of Lewis and Ivan. View of sea. View of boat on sea. View of a part on boat. 2 males feeding sealion. sealion. View of coastline (24'46"-29'10")
Master spool number: DOU10078
Production number: FEUS055W
Videofinder number: 6263
Available to public: no