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Module code and title: S207, The physical world
Item code: S207; 06
Published: 2000
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Duration: 00:28:54
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Producer: Stephen Evanson
Contributors: Les Haworth; Angela Lamont; Gordon Moore; Richard Turton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Computer; Forth Rail Bridge; Integrated circuit; Microchip; Moore's Law; Semi conductors; Silicon chip; Transistor
Footage description: Footage - Robert Llewellyn dropping sphere down stairwell. Robert looking at model railway. Speeding car. Close-up of Robert Llewellyn's face. Female with helicopter taking off in background. View of helicopters. Female holding a slinky. Female in hospital gown and mask. Ship on sea (0'01"-0'21") Views of the Forth rail bridge. Train moving across bridge. View of bridge from bank, panning to Angela Lamont. Close-up of Angela holding a micro chip. Close-up of micro chip (0'22"-1'13") Montage - moving boat. disc, Angela putting on protective headwear, moving train, transmittor, boxes being opened, 2 people in protective clothing walking away from camera, bagpipes being played, metal being soldered, view of Edinburgh, feet in protective clothing steps on plate, microchip (1'14"-1'29") Angela Lamont standing on the banks of the Forth, bridge in b/g, holding microchip. Views of bridge. Angela holding microchip walks out of shot leaving us with view of bridge (1'30"-2'04") Angela outside "Second Byte" shop. Close-up of shop front. Angela meets Alastair Hunter and John Worth inside shop standing by a PC. View of Motherboard. Central processing unit (CPU). Angela holds CPU. Angela holding microchip with John and Alastair look. Close-up of chip being held panning to Angela. John and Alastair (2'05"-3'35") Views of Edinburgh. External view of Scottish Microelectronics centre. Angela comes down stairs to greet John Worth and Alastair Hunter. Views of Angela, John, Alastair and Les Haworth in lab. B/w footage of "The transistor". Transistor (3'36"-5'12") Les Haworth with Edinburgh in b/g. Value coming into focus. Les Haworth. Someone pick up a microchip. Alastair Hunter and John Worth working with microchip. Microchip animation (5'13"-6'06") Angela Lamont in protective clothing ("bunny suit") Yellow spraying. Pan down value to transistor. Original transistor. Shots of Les Haworth writing on whiteboard with John Worth and Alastair Hunter coming into shot. Silicon square being moved. Les Haworth. Part of curcuit. Whiteboard. Soldering. John and Alastair. Wire being soldered (6'07"-7'46") Les Haworth interspersed with writing on whiteboard. John and Alastair standing by whiteboard panning to Les. Views of glue put onto base plate. John and Alastair (7'47"-8'53") Angela Lamont. Wire in plug being shown. Angela. Alastair. Wire being soldered. Alastair, John and Les. Angela holding silicon wafer (8'54"-9'59") Angela pulls wafer from camera to reveal she is in central Edinburgh. Close-up of Angela. Richard Turton. Angela pushes wafer to camera. Animation. Richard Turton. Various views of transistor experiment in lab (10'00"-12'03") B/w footage of "The transistor". Les Haworth. Angela Lamont. Various views of transistor experiment in lab. B/w stills of Bell lab notebooks. B/w footage of "The transistor" (12'04"-13'07") Angela Lamont with parts of transistor. Integrated curcuit. Richard Turton. Animation. B/w still first Intel site. Gordon Moore. Chips moved by machine. Animation (13'08"-15'04") View of the Forth bridges. Angela Lamont panning to external shot of Motorola building. Angela climbs into VW and closes the electric window. Richard Turton. Views of silicon wafers. Views of the transistor experiment in the lab (15'05"-16'22") Rows of protective suits ("bunny suits") in clean room . Angela Lamont putting on bunny suit and entering lab. Richard Turton. Andrew Beaumont in clean room interspersed with workers in gowning area. Angela with lab in b/g. View of workers on lab. Angela in gowning area. 2 people leaving lab (16'23"-18'39") Various views of the transistor experiment in lab. Angela in protective suit. Various views of lab. Angela standing by machine. Views of workers and lab (18'40-20'23") Various views of transmitor experiment in lab. Forth bridge panning to second Forth bridge. Angela with bridges in b/g moving out of view. Angela back in shot holding a greetings card. Gordon Moore. B/w still Gordon Moore. Gordon Moore. Richard Turton. Gordon Moore (20'24"-23'35") Silicon wafers and machinery. Angela with chessboard. Richard Turton. Angela counting grains of rice on chessboard. Richard Turton. Chessboard and grains of rice (23'36"-25'32") Les Haworth. Views of silicon wafers and yellow spraying. Angela Lamont in Edinburgh. Views of lab. Richard Turton. Various views of transmittor experiment in lab. Angela standing by the Forth bridge (25'33"-28'55")
Master spool number: DOU10079
Production number: FEUS056P
Videofinder number: 6276
Available to public: no