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This compilation consists of the following bands: The chemistry of creation, The chemistry of the invisible, The chemistry of creativity, The chemistry of survival, The chemistry of power, The chem...istry of life and death.
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Module code and title: ST240, Our chemical environment
Item code: ST240; VCR1
First transmission date: 2001
Published: 2001
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Duration: 02:25:43
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 The chemistry of creation
Track 2 The chemistry of the invisible
Track 3 The chemistry of creativity
Track 4 The chemistry of survival
Track 5 The chemistry of power
Track 6 The chemistry of life and death
Producer: H Foot
Contributors: Mike Bullivant; Barry Halliwell; Prof Roald Hoffmann; Steven Lay; John Leisten; Sherwin Newland; Sue Pringle; Krishna Sane; Dave Street; David Tee; Olwen Williams-Thorpe
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ammonia; Chemical change; Chemical fingerprinting; Chemistry education; Criminal investigations; Fertilization; Graphite; Oxygen; PH meter; Reproduction; Synthetics; Toxicity
Master spool number: DOU10691
Production number: FEUS179F
Available to public: no