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This compilation consists of the following bands: Molecular chemistry, Looking glass world, Samples of analysis, Environmental solutions?
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Module code and title: S246, Organic chemistry
Item code: S246; VCR1; 2001
Published: 2001
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Duration: 01:38:07
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track listing for this programme
Track 1 Molecular chemistry
Track 2 Looking glass world
Track 3 Samples of analysis
Track 4 Environmental solutions?
Producer: H Foot
Contributors: Alan Bassindale; Chris Evans; Tony Jolly; Harry Kroto; Peter Taylor; Barrie Whatley
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Analytical chemistry; Carbon clusters; Enzymes; Ligand; Molecular engineering; Molecular growth; Montreal protocol; Ozone depletion; Pesticides; Polarised light; Refrigerators; Spectroscopy
Master spool number: DOU10692
Production number: FEUS180A
Videofinder number: n/a
Available to public: no