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Simon Russell Beale continues his history of the symphony by taking a musical journey through the rise of nationalism in Europe into the New World. He discovers how nationalist voices such as Tchai...kovsky, Dvorak and Sibelius brought the symphony to wider audiences and visits Dvorak's summer house as he left it at his death in 1904, a remarkable insight into the personal life of the great composer. Simon follows the development of the symphony outside Europe and explores how growing urbanisation led to the construction and growing popularity of some of the world's greatest concert halls, visiting the Musikverein in Vienna, the Philharmonic Hall in St Petersburg and Carnegie Hall in New York. The symphonies are played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Mark Elder.
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Series: Symphony
First transmission date: 2012
Published: 2012
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Producer: Andy King-Dabbs
Screenwriter: Simon Russell Beale
Contributors: Simon Russell Beale; Mark Elder
Publisher: BBC Open University
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