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Over four and a half thousand kids are permanently excluded from secondary school every year. Excluded: Kicked out of School goes inside one of the country's largest alternative provision academies... to discover what happens next. With up to 90 kids and 30 staff including teachers, mentors and therapists, The Bridge AP Academy is one of the biggest schools of its kind in the country. All of its students have been permanently excluded or managed moved from schools across West London, many for behaviour issues such as fighting or verbal abuse. Staff are trained to deal with all sorts of challenging behaviour, but Bridge students are still expected to succeed academically and each is set a minimum target of 5 GCSEs. Filmed over a year this powerful series follows students at The Bridge as they try to turn their lives around. We see challenging behaviour, yet we also discover the problems - from bereavement to family breakdown - that lie at the root of some of the kids behavioural issues. 15 year old Jess was excluded from her previous school for disruptive behaviour, a problem that started following the break-up of her family. Bright and articulate, Jess is capable of getting good GCSEs if she can only get her emotions under control. 13 year old Millie arrived at The Bridge having left two previous schools for verbally abusing teachers. However we soon get to discover another side of her as we learn she has suffered personal tragedy in recent years. Meanwhile 13 year old Brandon has just arrived at The Bridge. Brandon would rather do anything than stay in class and it's having a serious impact on his learning. Engaging and thought-provoking, the series gives a voice to young people who have been marginalised by exclusion and shows the work being done to help make their futures more hopeful. BBC Three version
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Episode 1
First transmission date: 20-01-2015
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Published: 2015
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Producer: Cat Green
Publisher: BBC Open University
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