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In this fascinating and emotional film child psychologist Laverne Antrobus investigates the way in which the brain develops in children on the autistic spectrum. By exploring the latest science we ...gain a new understanding of how and why the autistic brain works in the way it does. Laverne spends time with autistic children and their families, not just to observe, but to gain a firsthand understanding of the different way in which their brains are functioning and the heart wrenching struggles that this can lead to when trying to cope with 'typical' society.
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Series: Growing children
First transmission date: 2012
Published: 2012
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Duration: 00:59:00
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Producer: Jeremy Dear
Contributors: Laverne Antrobus; Michael Barton; Billy Clarke; Jake Clarke; Jason Clarke; Mandy Clarke; Zaine Clarke; Teodora Gilga; Antonia Hamilton; Francesca Happe; Lauren Marsh; David McGonigle; Lainey Miller; Tony Miller; Amitta Shah
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Dyslexia
Production number: FKIN602T
Videofinder number: 82489
Available to public: no