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First part in an exciting new 5-part medical history series for BBC1 taking a look at how healthcare has changed over the decades using archive and contributor interviews to take a trip down memory... lane and chart progress that has been made. The second episode takes a look at how attitudes towards smoking have changed, pioneering hip replacement surgery, the contrast between nursing when matron ruled the world and current day practices and the introduction of penicillin.
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Series: A picture of health
Episode 2
First transmission date: 28-02-2012
Published: 2012
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Duration: 00:43:15
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Producer: Julie Beanland
Presenter: Larry Lamb
Narrator: Kelly Hunter
Contributors: Graham Bickerton; Julie Bickerton; Keith Easter; Enid Grant; Dorothy Groombridge; Lillian Howes; Larry Lamb; Dot Langan; Grace McDonald; Tom O'Connor; Nicholas Parsons; Paul Ross; Joe Sealey; Felicity Stockwell; s Miriam Stoppard; Christopher Timothy; Charlie Townsend; Mike Wroblewski
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Production number: FKIN872K
Videofinder number: 82456
Available to public: no