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Hyers Grove School was established in Sheffield in 1960 and was the first comprehensive school in the city. Its success was one of the factors that enabled the Local Authority to take the decision... to go fully comprehensive in 1965. This film portrays the school today, through the views of the Headmaster, the Headgirl, and the Heads of the English, Geography and Modern Languages Departments. The problems of size, discipline, interdepartmental cohesion and mixed ability teaching are discussed. The programme also tried to show the effect certain curriculum ideals, inherent in the school, have on the relationship between teacher and pupil, and on what is actually taught. This film is part of an integrated package with two radio programmes (E203/9 and 10) and a folder of case study material. It is an interesting contrast with the previous television programme about the Stantonbury Campus
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Module code and title: E203, Curriculum design and development
Item code: E203; 07
First transmission date: 15-05-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:17
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Producer: Caroline Pick
Contributors: Mike Golby; William Hill
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Curriculum ideals; Discipline; Interdepartmental cohesion; Mixed ability teaching; Myers Grove School; Sheffield; Teacher/pupil relationship
Footage description: The opening sequence shows children on their way to Myers Grove School in Sheffield. In interview the headmaster, William Hill, expresses his philosophy of education. Shots of morning assembly at the school, over which Mike Golby describes its size. The Head girl, Helen Platts, gives her views on the school's size and on the emphasis placed on discipline. Film of a teacher discussing school cleanliness with a class. Shots of the school's very complex timetable which Golby describes in voice over. In interview, Hill explains the importance of good Heads of Department in a large school. Film of an English class in which the teacher constantly questions the children. In interview the teacher, Mr. Allen, who is Head of the English Department, expresses misgivings about the disciplined school atmosphere of Myers Grove, which he argues can create problems in an Arts subject aiming at self expression. He also comments on staff student relations in the school. Film of Mr. Robson, head of the Geography Department, employing the enquiry method in class. In interview Robson declares himself in favour of introducing new teaching methods but maintains that this is difficult in a school that has been successful using traditional methods. He comments on the problem of children not contributing in class. Film of a traditional class in progress. Helen Platts argues that the concentration on performance in exams limits what can be achieved in class. Film of the sixth form common room, over which both Hill and Platts give their views of the sixth form. Film of a sixth form language class in progress. The lesson involves a great deal of teacher pupil dialogue. In interview Mr. Elliott, the head of the Modern Languages Department, argues that the comprehensive school offers great possibilities for curriculum development. Over shots of schoolchildren, Golby describes the streaming of children of differing abilities at Myers Grove. Hill, Platts, Elliott and Robson all give their views on streaming. Only Robson is against it. The Heads of Department express opinions on other problems at Myers Grove. They advocate more inter-departmental cooperation and the offering of greater options. In interview, Hill advocates a slower rate of change, so as to involve parents as well as educationalists. He ends the programme by advocating a balance between innovation and the retention of the best of the traditional culture.
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