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This programme examines the history of the building of the Church of Saint Genevieve, and its conversion into the Paris Pantheon after the French Revolution.
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Module code and title: A204, The Enlightenment
Item code: A204; 14
First transmission date: 04-09-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:01
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Producer: Paul Kafno
Contributor: Joseph Rykwert
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Church of St. Genevieve; Engravings; French Revolution; Pantheon; Paris
Footage description: The programme opens with film of the facade of the Paris Pantheon with music over. From outside the Pantheon Rykwert, who is Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge University, briefly introduces the programme. Over Canaletto's view of the Roman Pantheon Rykwert explains the purpose of the building. Film of the exterior and interior of the dome of the Roman Pantheon. Over a variety of work depicting both St Genevieve and the old church of St Genevieve in Paris, Rykwert outlines the history of the church and explains why it was regarded as so important by the French monarch; A print shows the old church of St Genevieve in 1737. The Perrault brothers scheme for rebuilding St Genevieve for Louis XIV is examined. Rykwert explains the significance of the Perraults' plan for excluding canopies from the church. Reasons are given for the failure of the plan. Over a portrait of Louis XV Rykwert explains why the King decided to instigate another scheme for rebuilding St Genevieve. Over portraits of Madame de Pompadour and her brother, Marigny, Rykwert describes their involvement in the proposed rebuilding of part of Paris. Their sponsorship of the architect Germain Soufflot, whose portrait is seen, is described. Soufflot's trip to Rome and Paestum is described over l8th century engravings of the latter. Music is played over film of Paestum. Rykwert describes Soufflot's reaction to the Greek temples at Paestum. Prints show a statue of Louis XV and the plan for the redevelopment of the Tuileries area. Over these Rykwert describes Marigny's Paris building programme Development schemes for large areas of Paris are shown and the proposed rebuilding of St Genevieve considered. From outside the Paris Pantheon Rykwert describes Soufflot's plans for the new church of St Genevieve. A plan of the original design is shown. Over film of the exterior of the Pantheon, particularly of the entrance columns and portico, Rywert comments on various architectural details. Shots of interior of Pantheon, with music over. Numerous shots of the interior of the Pantheon, which Rykwert describes the architectural ideas influenced Soufflot. He identifies both Greek and Gothic styles within the Pantheon. Over further shots of the interior Rykwert describes the changes that have been made to Soufflot's original design. Film of the crypt of the Pantheon, Rykwert comments on the Doric influence in the design of the crypt. Shots of De Machy's painting depicting the laying of the Pantheon's foundation stone, over which Rykwert describes this ceremony. From outside the Pantheon Rykwert describes criticisms that were made of Soufflot's building. Over various drawings of the dome he describes Soufflot modifications to his original design and indicates other architecture which influenced him. Further film of the Pantheon, over which Rykwert describes Soufflot's use of flying butresses to overcome structural defects. Still of St Paul's Cathedral in London, with which the Paris Pantheon is briefly compared. Rykwert describes the controversy that followed the completion of Soufflot's dome, over stills of contemporary plans, prints and pamphlets. The columns around the dome are examined. Shots of the interior of the dome, over which Rykwert describes the changes in the building's function that occured during the revolutionary era. Prints are shown depicting Voltaire's and Victor Hugo's funerals over which Rykwert comments on the Pantheon's role today. Shots of the facade, with music over.
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