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This programme examines the evidence of what we know today about the major athletic festivals of Ancient Greece. Using specially shot film, he looks particularly at the sites of the two major festi...vals, Olympia and Delphi, and at some of the other evidence relating to the varied events that made up the games. Emphasis is placed upon the religious rather than secular nature of the games themselves and as well as his detailed examination of Olympia and Delphi, Professor Ferguson looks also at the other games of which something is known, those at Isthamia and Nemea and at the Panathenaia in Athens.
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Module code and title: A292, Greece 478-336BC
Item code: A292; 08
First transmission date: 24-04-1979
Published: 1979
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Producer: Mary Hoskins
Contributors: Darien Angadi; John Ferguson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Athletics; Delphi; Olympia; Pan-Hellenic; Stadia
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of a bronze head of Zeus, over which Augadi quotes Pindar on the importance of the Olympic Games. Over film of the site at Olympia Ferguson explains the importance of the games. From the studio he contrasts them with the modern Olympic games. Over an animated map he mentions the four main locations where Greek games were held. General view of the Olympic site with Ferguson's comments on salient features. A model shows how the site would have looked, particularly the Altis ruins, over which Ferguson describes various buildings. The temples of Hera and Zeus are then examined in detail. A drawing reconstructs the statue of Zeus by Pheidias. Other statues are examined. The treasuries are described over shots of them on the model reconstruction. Shots of the remains of the treasury of Sicyon. Film of bronze offerings found in the treasuries. In particular Ferguson examines the helmet of Miltiades. Film of the locations of the actual games at Olympia, particularly of he stadium. Ferguson briefly mentions the site of the Hippodrome, then examines the stadium race track in detail. He explains who was allowed to attend the games. Film of Mount Parnassus and the site of the festival held at Delphi. Ferguson explains why Delphi was venerated by the Greeks. Film of the Castalia spring which Ferguson explains. Shots of various parts of the Marmaria, with commentary over. Shots of the distant Gulf of Itea. Shots of the Sacred Way leading up to the main site at Delphi. Film of the treasuries, particularly those of Syphnos and Athens. Ferguson discuss details on these buildings. Further shots of the Sacred Way as it passes the Rock of the Sybil. Ferguson points out features, then examines the Temple of Apollo. Shots of the theatre and stadium, with Ferguson's commentary throughout. From the studio Ferguson describes the kind of evidence that relates to the games. Shots of sculpture coins and vase paintings. Over a map of the Greek world Ferguson describes the Panhellenic regulation that governed the games. Over a vase painting showing competitors he describes how athletes prepared for the games. He briefly describes the ceremonies that comprised the first day of the Olympic games. Over a variety of vase paintings Ferguson describes the individual events that comprised the games. He also describes the ceremonies that accompanied the athletic events. He explains why men competed in the games. Evidence in the form of coins, vase paintings and statuary is shown. Finally Angadi quotes one of Pindar's Pythian Odes over views of Delphi.
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