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This is the first programme in The Third Level Arts Course A352, Art in Italy 1480-1580". In it, Catherine King, Lecturer in Art History at the Open University, and Course Team Chairwoman,... takes the church of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome as an example of how different works of art and styles survive in one building. The church contains 'strata' of styles ranging from the 15th century to the Baroque. Works have been altered or superimposed on each other. The programme shows ways in which the art historian can sort through the often confusing additions and understand artistic change and continuity. Bernini, the Baroque sculptor and architect, can be seen to have respected the early architecture when he made his improvements. Looking at this building, we learn much about the environment for which works of art were made and about the kind of patrons who commissioned them.
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Module code and title: A352, Art in Italy 1480-1580
Item code: A352; 01
Recording date: 27-09-1978
First transmission date: 28-02-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:22:10
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Producer: Edward Hayward
Contributor: Catherine King
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Church architecture; Italian architecture; Pinturricchio; Renaissance architecture; Santa Maria del Popolo
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of the piazza del Popolo in Rome over which Catherine King briefly describes the church of Santa Maria de Popolo. A 17th century print is used to show the original shape of the church. Numerous shots of the exterior, over which King points out the various styles that have shaped the church. View of the nave looking towards the high altar and of the vaulting over the nave. King comments on the fusion of 15th and 17th century work in the nave. Standing on a large studio plan of Santa Maria del Popolo King comments on the multiplicity of styles in the church. Film of the chapel of Girolamo della Rovere, decorated in the 1490's by Pinturricchio. Features are picked and commented on in voiceover by King. Particular attention is paid to the altarpiece and to the architectural illusions created by Pinturricchio's painting. The chapel and choir behind the high altar is examined. King shows how Bramante altered this part of the church. Animated diagrams illustrate these changes. Numerous details in this area are shown and described. From the studio King shows the position within the church of the Chapel of Agostino Chigi, which combines three architectural styles. Over film of both the overall shape of the chapel and specific details within it King's descriptive commentary concentrates on the work done by Raphael and Lorenzetto. Film now of the later 16th and 17th century work in the Chigi Chapel. King's commentary attributes these various later pieces of work. Finally, King comments on the combination within this church of artistic styles from the whole period of the Renaissance.
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