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This is the fifth programme of the Third Level Arts Course A352 on Art in Italy 1480-1580. In it Catherine King looks at Agostino Chigi's Pleasure house, the Villa Farnesina which is just outside ...the walls of Rome. Inspired by the ancient Roman idea of the "villa sub-urbana", Baldassari Peruzzi the- architect, created a new type of plan with loggias open unto the gardens. Inside the Villa, Raphael said his contemporaries painted the walls and ceilings with scenes from antique mythology and history, creating one of the most beautiful and uninhibited examples of Villa decoration. In its dramatic recreation of the ancient world, the Villa, provided a place where Agostino Chigi, the wealthy banker, could emulate the life style of the ancient Romans and entertain his guests in splendour.
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Module code and title: A352, Art in Italy 1480-1580
Item code: A352; 05
Recording date: 10-11-1978
First transmission date: 30-05-1979
Published: 1979
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Producer: Edward Hayward
Contributor: Catherine King
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Peruzzi; Raphael; Renaissance architecture; Villa Farnesina
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of old narrow streets and squares in Rome. Shots of the Palazzo Spada. King's commentary compares these old houses with new Renaissance villas such as the Villa Farnesina. Shots of the villa's environs. Brief shots of the villa's garden. King describes changes to the garden implemented since the early 16th century. Film of the exterior of the villa, both the general architectural style and particular details. King describes everything in voice-over and comments on the achievement of Peruzzi. Detailed film examination of the villa's paint entrance loggia. Its relation to the garden is examined and the illusory paintings shot in detail. King's comments in voice over explain various details, particularly the story of Cupid and Psyche which is depicted on the ceiling and around the walls. Film of a small room off the Farnesina loggia, the horoscope room. The mythological scenes that decorate the room are examined in detail. King compares the works but concludes that the whole design does not quite come off. Film of the Sala delle Prospettive which was designed and painted by Peruzzi. The illusory view is examined so as to show both its achievement and its defects. The large fireplace is also shown. The final room to be examined is the bedroom of Agostino Chigi, who built the villa. Shots of decorations, then prolonged film of the painting showing Alexander and Raxana, over which Burrell reads Lucian's description of the classical work upon which this Renaissance painting was based. Shots of villa exterior.
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