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This is the ninth programme for students of the Third Level Arts Course, A352, 'Art, in Italy 1480-1580". Dr. Ailstair Smith, Deputy Keeper and Head of Education at the National Gallery introd...uced this programme which was filmed at the National Gallery. The programme looks in detail at three paintings by Titian and shows how Titian's technique as a painter is related to his stylistic development.
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Module code and title: A352, Art in Italy 1480-1580
Item code: A352; 08
First transmission date: 29-08-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:24:11
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributors: Richard Beale; Alistair Smith
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bacchus and Ariadne; Death of Actaeon; Noli Me Tangere; Painting techniques; Titian
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of one of Titian's last paintings, The Death of Actaeon over which Beale reads Vasari's comments on the inferior nature of Titian's later work. To the camera Alistair Smith, Deputy Keeper at the National Gallery, states that Titian's later paintings do indicate great changes of technique and explains that it is necessary to compare The Death of Actaeon with two earlier works; Bacchus and Ariadne. 1523, and Noli Me Tanqere. 1508-10. Shots of both of these. Shots of the work Noli Me Tangere. Beale reads from the Gospel of St John to explain the subject of the painting. Over numerous shots of details from the work Smith describes Titian's techniques and style in both landscape background and the two foreground figures. Shots of Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Marriage, which Smith uses to contrast with Titian's different oil painting technique. Detailed shots of brushwork in Noli Me Tangere are used to show Titian's visible brushstroke technique. Smith emphasises the importance of this innovation. Smith briefly comments on Titian's influence. Shots of Bacchus and Ariadne, over which Beale reads Ovid's account of the meeting of the two figures. Over numerous details from the painting of Bacchus and Ariadne Smith comments at length on the composition, subject matter, techniques and moral of the work. Shots of the late work The Death of Actaeon, the origin of which is briefly described. Shots of another work from the same series, Diana and Actaeon, which is in the National Gallery in Edinburgh. Over both works Smith recounts the mythological story which they illustrate. Smith then analyses various elements of the Death of Actaeom the colours, brushwork, composition. Over details of the work Beale reads Vasari's praise of Titian's experimentation with bold techniques. Finally, Smith adds his own praise for Titian's Death of Actaeon.
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