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This is an introductory programme for the Third Level Arts Course, A352 Art in Italy 1480-1580. Filmed at the Royal College of Art, London, this film closely relates to "Riccio: Bronze Statuet...tes." To understand bronze sculpture, it is essential to aware of the complex process whereby a figure modelled in sort wax can be translated into permanent "bronze. The opportunity to film this process arose when the Victoria and Albert Museum asked the College of Art's sculpture school to make exhibits showing the different stages in the technical process for the Exhibition "Giambologna" which opened in London in October 1978.
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Module code and title: A352, Art in Italy 1480-1580
Item code: A352; 00
First transmission date: 06-02-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:24:33
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributor: Catherine King
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bronze casting; Lost wax method; Moulding
Footage description: Catherine King starts the programme from the studio, explaining that the Victoria and Albert Museum filmed the casting of a replica of a Giambologna bronze statuette of Mars. The V and A film comprises the bulk of this programme. Shots of Riccio's bronze statuette Shouting Horseman, Giamologna's large marble Rape of a Sabine, and a large bronze by Cellini, Perseus. King's commentary compares these different kinds of sculptural expression, stressing the qualities of bronze statuettes. Credits for the V and A film, which is entitled 'Casting a Bronze statuette - the lost wax process.' It was filmed at the Royal College of Art and has commentary by David Strong. The complete process is shown: making a hollow wax cast of Giamologna's Mars; encasing the figure in a mould; pouring the bronze into the mould; finishing off the final bronze. End of V and A film. King explains why television programmes are so important to a course dealing with sculpture and architecture. Film giving the effect of moving through a Renaissance church. She ends with advice on using the many illustrations that accompany the course.
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