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Student and left-wing protest in the late 1960s seemed to some to threaten the stability of Western European Society. Arthur Marwick, Professor of History and Dean of Arts at the Open University l...ooks at student protest in Britain and Germany through the television news coverage of the time and asks whether the contrasts or the similarities between the events in the two countries are more striking. He concludes that protest was superficially similar in both countries but, in fact, influenced by the different political cultures of the two nations, followed a different path. Professor Marwick also discusses the nature of the film evidence through which we study what happened.
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Module code and title: A309, Conflict and stability in the development of modern Europe c.1789-1970
Item code: A309; 08
First transmission date: 09-09-1980
Published: 1980
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Producer: Roger Thompson
Contributors: Anthony Herrick; Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cinema; Feature films; Newsfilm; Protest movements
Footage description: The opening sequence is German,TV news film showing a large anti-Vietnam demonstration in Berlin in 1967. In voice over Herrick sets out the aims of the programme and comments on the nature of news film as historical evidence. Caption: "Student demonstration against the. Shah of Iran's visit, Berlin, 5-6.1967"- Over news film of this violent demonstration Herrick compares the raw film, and soundtrack recorded at the event with that used in the news bulletin. The death of a student is described and film seen of tributes being paid to him. German newsfilm shows a political teach-in held in Berlin in 1967. Rudi Dutschke is seen speaking. Speeches are translated in sub-title over film of a demonstration in answer to the attempted assassination of Dutschke, Herrick discusses the commentary used in this German News bulletin. Film of prominent German figures speaking at large teach-in in 1968. Extracts from two speeches appear in sub-titles. Herrick relates such meetings to the German tradition of student protest and lists the issues about which the students were concerned. German news film shows the effects of an arson attack on a Frankfurt department store. Herrick comments on how TV reported this terrorist attack. Film of the arsonists at their trial in Frankfurt in 1968. ITN news films shows a large 1968 anti-US demonstration in Grosvenor Square, London. Herrick's commentary points out how the film's approach differs from that of German TV. A more peaceful British 1968 demonstration is seen in which a CND petition is handed in at No. 10 Downing Street. Film of a ITN interview with Tariq Ali about the lack of violence in British Demonstrations. The commentary contrasts British student protest in 1968 with the continental protest movement. BBC TV film shows a demonstration at the LSE. German news film shows the funeral of a murderedpoliceman in 1971. The commentary briefly outlines the growth of terrorism in Germany. Brief sequence of TV film show damage caused by an 1972 explosion at Augsburg Police Headquarters and the effects of an attack on an American army base. A German TV report on the capture of terrorists Baader and Meins in 1972 is viewed. Over a montage of excerpts from British and German TV film about the student protest movement Herrick draws distinctions between both the protest movements and the reporting of them in the two countries.
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