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This programme consists predominantly of film shot in 1973 of the chemical plant in Seaton Carew which made sulphuric acid by the lead chamber process. This is the process upon which much of Britai...n's industrial greatness depended in the 19th century, and Seaton Carew was the only remaining site in this country producing acid by this method. Since the filming in 1973, the plant has been demolished, and this film is a unique historical record of this fascinating industrial process.
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Module code and title: A281, Technology and change c.1750-1914
Item code: A281; 03
First transmission date: 24-03-1984
Published: 1984
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Duration: 00:24:43
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: G Gilchrist; Colin Russell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Chemical plants; Industrial revolution; Lead chamber process; Seaton Carew; Sulphuric acid
Master spool number: HOU4451
Production number: FOUA177F
Videofinder number: 2548
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