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This programme explores the way in which a new method of burning coal led to the formation of new industries and eventually a new science. Traditionally coal was burned in air as fuel, but it was d...iscovered that heating coal in the absence of air caused it to decompose. Colin Russell visits several sites where processes involving the by products of coal are still carried out using 19th century methods. In particular, he visits a site near Newcastle where coke was manufactured in 'beehive ovens' and a gas-works in Newton Stewart in Scotland where coal gas was maufactured in hand fired horizontal retorts. He also traces the by products of coal tar via benzene and then amiline which became the basis of dye stuffs.
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Module code and title: A281, Technology and change c.1750-1914
Item code: A281; 07
First transmission date: 23-06-1984
Published: 1984
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Producer: Paul Kafno
Contributors: Edward Lowes; Colin Russell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aniline dye stuffs; Beehive ovens; Coal; Coal tar; Gas works; Industrial revolution; Newton Stewart; Nitra-benzene
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