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This programme traces the history of the Victoria and Albert Museum in the 19th century: from its pioneering origins as part of Prince Albert's grand educational designs, to its institutionalisatio...n in the 1890's as a treasure house of great works.
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Module code and title: A102, An arts foundation course
Item code: A102; 26
First transmission date: 29-07-1986
Published: 1986
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Duration: 00:24:37
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Producer: Tony Coe
Contributor: Colin Cunningham
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Architecture; Design; Henry Cole; Lord Leighton; Victoria and Albert Museum
Subject terms: Great Exhibition--1851; Victoria and Albert Museum (London, England)Great Britain --History --Victoria, 1837-1901
Master spool number: HOU5216
Production number: FOUA223A
Videofinder number: 1543
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