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Colin Cunningham explores the garden of Rousham House, Oxfordshire, designed by William Kent in about 1735. Rousham is the best surviving example of the earlystage of English landscape garden. Gar...dens in the late 17th century had been formal in design, in imitation of French examples such as Versailles. In the early 18th century Charles Bridgeman began to draw the surrounding countryside into the design, and William Kent took this principle further, introducing serpentine paths and informal clumps of trees to break up the formality of the garden and create unexpected vistas. He also introduced classical references into the garden, including buildings of classical design and statues based on Roman and Greek orignals. Kent's style influenced Capability Brown, and led to imitations in France and Germany.
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Module code and title: A204, The Enlightenment
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First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributors: Colin Cunningham; Frank Middlemas
Publisher: BBC Open University
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