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According to Plato, Socrates playfully defined piety as 'a sort of art of commerce between Gods and men', Examining religious sites at Sounion, Brauron, Eleusis and around the Acropolis, Colin Cunn...ingham suggests that 5th century temple rebuilding deliberately placed the ordered human geometry of the new buildings within natural traditional sites, appropriate to the Gods the temples celebrate. He argues that this was both an acknowledgement and acceptance of two contradictory impulses in human nature - the rational and the irrational.
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Module code and title: A294, Fifth-century Athens: democracy and city state
Item code: A294; 07
First transmission date: 01-08-1989
Published: 1989
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Producer: Tony Coe
Contributor: Colin Cunningham
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Acropolis; Archaeology; Architecture; Brauron; Eleusis; Philosophy; Sounion; Temples
Subject terms: Athens (Greece) --Civilisation
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