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This programme is about the moral problems of punishment. Janet radcliffe Richards argues that we need a justification for punishment because unless we can justify the harm we do to criminals we're... doing just the same thing as we're punishing them for. Two moral theories of punishment (utilitarian and retributon) are illustrated by means of dramatised inserts but neither proves to be a totally satisfactory answer.
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Module code and title: A102, An arts foundation course
Item code: A102; 15; 1990
First transmission date: 1990
Published: 1990
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Duration: 00:24:11
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Producer: Betty Talks
Contributors: Frances Coverdale; Janet Radcliffe-Richards
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Crime; Moral retribution; Philosophy; Punishment
Master spool number: HOU6572
Production number: FOUA319A
Videofinder number: 3630
Available to public: no