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This programme looks at aspects of 19th century art and urbanism, and suggests ways in in which these aspects can inform our reading of Impressionist art in the 1870s.
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Module code and title: A316, Modern art: practices and debates
Item code: A316; 03
First transmission date: 29-08-1991
Published: 1991
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributors: Hollis Clayson; Francis Frascina
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Haussmann; Impressionism; Prostitution; Urbanism
Subject terms: Architecture, Modern--19th century--France--Paris; Art and society--France--History--19th century; Art, French--19th century; City planning--France--Paris; Impressionism (Art); Modernism (Art)--France
Footage description: Footage - Painting:"The Bar at the Folies Bergere" by Manet. Panning to face of barmaid. Hollis Clayson speaking. Paintings of 19th century Parisien street scene and crowd at night. Detail from "Bar at Folies Bergere" panning to barmaid. Francis Fascina speaking (0'21"-1'52") - B/w illustration of workers. Painting:"Pont de l'Europe" by Caillebotte. Painting:"Paris street, rainy weather" by Caillebotte". Details. Painting:"Women sitting in front of a Cafe" by Degas. Detail. Hollis Clayson speaking. Detail from "Women sitting in front of a Cafe". B/w cartoon:"The Evening Spider" (1'53"-5'24") - Tim Benton speaking. Graphic animation of Paris map. Illustration of Paris street map. Graphic animation of expansion of Paris. Tim Benton speaking. Film footage of Paris apartment building. Graphic animation of railway lines and terminii. Map of Paris streets and rail lines. B/w illustration of Gare St. Lazare and street map (5'25"-8'00").Film footage:Parisien bridge, train travelling along track, panning area around station. Bridge of the Quartier de l'Europe. Painting:"Pont de l'Europe". Film footage:Paris buildings panning to street and traffic. Window on corner building. Painting by Caillebotte of his brother standing at Paris apartment window. Film footage:Paris street, men crossing, iron balconette. Detail from painting of Cailebotte's brother. Film footage: apartment block with iron balconettes, detail of sculptures on facade (8'01"-10'13") - Francis Fascina speaking. B/w illustrations of industrial scene, iron workers, large building & chimney. Painting of George Haussman & men. B/w photo of Haussman and woman. Film footage: Paris street, Grand Hotel, Opera House, detail of facade, traffic on Rue Halevy. Paintings of people on balconies. Painting:"Barricade in June, 1848" by Meissouier. Map of Paris streets. Film footage: Paris streets. Photos:slum areas by Charles Marville. Tim Benton speaking (10'13"-14'01"). B/w caricatures. Painting of Paris slum area. Graphic animations of Paris sewer systems. Film footage:Paris street. B/w photo:Paris street. Caricatures. Marville's photos of derelict buildings and Belleville. B/w illustration: Batignolles. Film footage:housing in Batignolles, various streets. Painting:"Women sitting in front of a Cafe" by Degas (14'02"-17'25") - Hollis Clayson speaking. Painting:"Rolla" by Gervex. Cartoon:"The Evening Spider". B/w cartoons of prostitutes in bars. "Evening Spider". "Women sitting in front of Cafe". Cartoons of prostitutes. Hollis Clayson speaking. Painting:"Women sitting in front of Cafe". Painting:"Bathers at Asnieres" by Seurat. Detail (17'26"-24'20").
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