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This programme explores how the disused railway station, the Gare d'Orsay, was converted into a museum housing modern art.
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Module code and title: A316, Modern art: practices and debates
Item code: A316; 04
First transmission date: 07-08-1991
Published: 1991
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Duration: 00:24:13
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Producer: G D Jayalakshmi
Contributor: Tim Benton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Gare d'Orsay; Modern Art; Museum; Railway station
Subject terms: Art museums; Avant-garde (Aesthetics); Kitsch; Musée d'Orsay; Museums--France
Footage description: Footage - Musee D'Orsay from across River Seine. Visitors on steps. Front of Musee D'Orsay. Visitors. Elephant sculpture. Visitors at info desk & in gallery. Woman looking at statue. Tim Benton speaking. Clock. Benton speaking (0'19"-1'31") - Archive footage:Gare D'Orsay interior. Train at night. Platform. Gare D'Orsay. Hotel. Ornate clock. Chandelier. Mirrored room. B/w illustration:proposed building. Archive footage:Gare D'Orsay. Visitors. Gallery. Gare D'Orsay from across Seine. Interior Gare D'Orsay panning to roof (1'32"-3'42") - 2 men & model of new building. Pierre Colboc speaking. Detail of model. Colboc speaking. Man thumbing through book. Curators in meeting. Art auction. Curators looking at photos. Painting of Cain by Cormon being unrolled. Man applying gold leaf to frame. Orsay interior panning up to roof. Gae Aulenti speaking. View inside model of Orsay (3'43"-6'45"). President Mitterand visiting Orsay. Madeleine Reberioux speaking. Visitors looking at Monet painting. Gallery & Degas painting. Group of curators.(6'46"-8'09") - T.Benton speaking. Visitors inside galleries. Roland Schaer speaking. Views inside galleries. Visitors. Ornate gold clock panning to main hall, sculptures & visitors. Sculptures:"Quatre Nations" & "La Danse". Model of Paris Opera. Visitors panning to model of Paris under glass floor. Visitors walking on glass (8'10"-11'18") - Michel Laclotte speaking. Gold clock. Archive shots of Salle des Fetes. Face of statue panning to room & painting:"La Naissance". Detail. Back of bronze statue. Interior of Orsay. Visitors. Painting:"The Gleaners" by Millet. Sculpture:"Woman bitten by serpent" by Clesinger. Pan to "Birth of Venus" by Cabonel. "Olympia" by Manet. T.Benton speaking. Manet Gallery. Portrait:Emile Zola by Manet. Detail (11'19"-14'31").M. Laclotte speaking. Manet room. Paintings:"L'atelier de Bazille" by Bazille & "Women in a Garden" by Monet. Cabanel room. Laclotte speaking. Visitors looking at portrait of Zola. T.Benton speaking. Museum booklet. Details from "Olympia" & "Birth of Venus" compared. Sign:"Librairie". Library. Painting:"Burial at Ornans" by Courbet. Visitors. "Romans of the Decadence" by Couture. Detail. "Burial..." detail. Pan round gallery to "Romans..." M. Reberioux speaking. Galleries. "Romans..." Room containing furniture. Silver statue. Furniture. Medal cabinet detail. Woman looking at vases. Sculpture of woman. 3 busts (15'49"-19'43") - M. Laclotte speaking. Archive film:Gare D'Orsay. Impressionist gallery. Schoolchildren. Painting:"Planers". Visitors. R. Schaer speaking. Information cards. Visitors. Staircase. Display case. M. Reberioux & R. Schaer speaking. Visitors looking at "Planers". Gallery through glass cabinet. R. Schaer speaking(19'44"-24'11").
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