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26.6.92;This programme looks at the ways in which the culture and the history of the French colonies have been represented to a Western audience since the turn of the 19th century.
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Module code and title: A316, Modern art: practices and debates
Item code: A316; 08
Published: 1994
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Duration: 00:24:19
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Producer: G.D Jayalakshmi
Contributors: Joseph C. E. Adandé; Annie Coombes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 1900 Paris World Fair; Algerian; Colony; French; Museum of Mankind; Museums; Rockefeller Collection; Tourist industry; Trocadero Museum
Subject terms: Art, Colonial--France; Art, French--19th century; Art, French--20th century
Footage description: Annie speaking. Painting of the 3 Graces. B/w photo of 3 African women. Close ups of womens' faces. B/w illustration & poster of Trocadero Museum. B/w photos of museum exhibits, pottery, crafts, Dahomeian figures (14'10"-17'18") - Gallery in Rockerfeller Museum. Wooden figures. World map panning to Africa. Wooden hand panning to whole figure. Detail of carved items. Plaque. African masks. Female figure. B/w photo of collector (17'19"-19'19") - Museum of Mankind: African shields, figures, clay objects, tools, figures, clothing. Palestinian costumes. Photos of Palestinian woman & baby, child refugee, 2 elderly women. African figure & objects. Joseph Anande speaking to Annie Coombes beside Behanzin's throne (19'20"-24'17").;Dahomeian wooden figures of King Glele & King Behanzin. Joseph Anande speaking to Annie Coombes in front of cabinet of Dahomeian exhibits (5'10"-7'45") - Behanzin's throne. Detail. Anande speaking to Annie Coombes in front of throne. Detail of throne. B/w photo of World Fair & Eiffel Tower. B/w photos: Algerian palace pavilion, interior palace courtyard & crowds at Algerian street market. Colour travel poster. Illustration: Thomas Cook offices. Poster & drawing of Algerian hotels. B/w photos: Algerian pavilion, crowd in Algerian 'street', palace courtyard, people on tree lined boulevard, various Algerian exhibits (7'46"-11'05") - Painting of belly dancer by Gerome. B/w photos of Algerian women. B/w illustration of Egyptian belly dancers. Colour illustration of World Fair. B/w photos of naked African man and 3 naked women. B/w illustration of 3 Africans. Illustration:"Varying grades of intelligence". B/w illustration 3 African women. B/w photos of African women and man (11'06"-14'09").;Footage - Joseph Adande speaking to Annie Coombes. B/w photo: stool of King Glele. Adande speaking to Annie Coombes (0'19"-1'30") - B/w film: crowds at Paris World Fair 1900. B/w photo: view of exhibition from under Eiffel Tower. Details from b/w photos of colonies' exhibits. B/w film of carriages, crowds and train at World Fair. B/w photos of colonies' exhibits. Painting of belly dancer by Gerome. Newspaper:"Le Petit Journal". Cover & illustration of Dahomeian ambassador. Newspaper:"Le Petit Parisien". Scanning over b/w photos of exhibition pavilions. B/w photos: pagoda & Dahomeian huts. Detail. B/w photo: Tower of Sacrifices. B/w illustration: Behanzin killing enemies, beheading (1'31-5'09") - Anne Coombes speaking & looking at "Le Petit Parisien". B/w illustrations of beheading in African village, General Dodds and Dahomeian carved figures. Dahomeian figures in Musee de l'Homme. Joseph Adande speaking to Annie Coombes in front of glass cabinet of exhibits.
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