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This programme explains one of Robert Adam's architectual masterpieces - Kedleston Hall. Kedleston Hall. The programme attempts to explain Adam's neo-classical designs, to look at the changes betw...een design and construction and to consider the purpose for which the Hall was built.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 07
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:18
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Producer: Amanda Willett
Contributors: Colin Cunningham; Leslie Harris
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Neoclassical; Robert Adams
Subject terms: Architecture, Romanesque--England--Derbyshire; Kedleston Hall; Adam, Robert, 1728-1792
Footage description: Footage - Driveway leading up to Kedleston Hall. Latin motto inscribed on wall. Front facade of Kedleston Hall. Kedleston Hall from across the lake and parkland. Sheep, bridge and river with Hall in the background. Parkland trees and landscapes (0'22"-1'50") - Iron gates. North lodge. View through gates. Bridge over river panning to fishing house. Exterior views of fishing house and lake. Step waterfall (dam). Colin Cunningham speaking from top of dam. Drawing of bridge and dam. Waterfall. View of bridge and dam. Cunningham speaking from bridge. Kedleston Hall from bridge. Waterfall. Views of Kedleston Hall with bridge in foreground and from across the lake (1'51"-4'44") - Leslie Harris speaking. Terrier book: title page and page detailing estates owned by Curzon. Kedleston Hall and trees. Family wing. Front facade of Hall. First floor windows. Black statue. Roundel sculptures. South facade of Hall. Columns. Stairway. Front facade. Stairway. Colin Cunningham speaking (4'45"-7'59"). Drawing of Caesar's Hall. Marble Hall. Doorway of Caesar's Hall. Classical sculpture. Column capitals. Leslie Harris speaking. Robert Adam's original drawings of column capitals. Column capital. Harris speaking. Robert Adam's account book. Robert Adam's signature (8'00"-10'36") - B/w drawing of Marble Hall by George Richardson. Harris speaking. Detail from drawing by Richardson. Base of marble column. Marble Hall. Plan of Kedleston Hall (10'37"-12'43") - Dining room. Alcove. Dining room. Alcove ceiling. Drawing of alcove ceiling. Dining room. Decorated ceiling and roundel. Drawing of ceiling. Sketches of inset paintings. Actual paintings. Column capital panning down column. Marble Hall (12'44"-15'06") - Music room. Organ case. Piano. Organ case. Painting of Israelites. Painting of landscape. Music room. Drawing room. Settee. Coving. Doorway. Sculpture of mermen & angels. Detail of carvings on settee. Fireplace: central relief, caryatids. Ceiling caryatid. Sculpted foliage on ceiling. Carpet. Central Venetian window. Pier glasses. Detail of door panel. Ceiling cornices. Settee. Colin Cunningham speaking (15'07"-20'02") - Library. Fireplace. Book spines. Bookcase. B/w engraving in book. Colin Cunningham speaking. Domed Saloon. Ceiling dome. Carvings on inside of dome. Frieze around base of dome. Ionic pillar. Domed Saloon. Double doorway. Marble Hall. Kedleston Hall from across the lake. View of south facade panning out across parkland (20'03"-24'16").
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