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The programme begins with the hierarchy of genres in the 18th century among which the still life was the lowest. Then Chardin's own methods are discussed.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 15
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:17
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributors: John Rye; Linda Walsh
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Eighteenth century art
Subject terms: Still-life painting; Chardin, Jean Baptiste Simeon
Footage description: Footage - 4 framed paintings on wall. Details from painting, "Le Buffet". Voice reading from Diderot's "Salons". Linda Walsh speaking (0'22"-3'29") - Voice reading from "Salons". Details from paintings, "Feast Day Meal", "Fast Day Meal" and "La Brioche". Linda Walsh speaking. Painting:"The Butcher's Table". Details from painting. Painting: "Still Life with Ewer" by Desportes. Details from painting (3'30"-6'53") - Painting:"Le Buffet". Details from painting. Linda Walsh speaking. Voice reading from "Salons". Detail from painting "The Rayfish" panning back to whole picture. More detailed shots (6'55"-11'12") - Linda Walsh speaking. Painting: "Lapin Mort". Detail of fur. Painting of dead rabbit and game by unnamed artist. Linda Walsh speaking. Details from painting, "Basket of Peaches". Detail of olive jar from painting "Jar of Olives". "Still Life with Ewer" by Desportes. Details from painting (11'13"-13'45"). Painting:"The Smoker's Case". Detail. Painting:"The Copper Urn". Painting:"Fast Day Meal". Detail from painting. Painting:"Meat Day Meal". Detail from painting. Painting:"La Brioche". Details from painting. "La Brioche" framed on wall. Linda Walsh speaking (13'46"-16'53") - Book illustrations:"Industrious Mother", "Saying Grace", "Convalescent's Meal" and "La Pourvoyeuse". Linda Walsh speaking. Painting:"Girl with Dead Canaries" by Greuze. Detail. Painting: "La Malediction Paternelle" by Greuze. Details from painting. Paintings: "The Silver Goblet", "Three Pears and Glass of Wine" and "Jar of Olives". Voice reading from "Salons". Detail from "Jar of Olives" (16'54"-20'48") - Linda Walsh speaking. Paintings:"Attributes of Music" and "Attributes of Arts". Detail of latter. Linda Walsh speaking. Painting:"Le Buffet". Detail from painting panning out. Detail. Voice reading from "Salons" (20'49"-24'17").
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