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This programme looks at the life and work of Olaudah Equiano.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 09
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributors: Angus Calder; David Dabydeen; Paul Edwards
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Abolition movement; Attitudes to British black people; British Navy; Equiano; Slavery
Subject terms: Blacks--Great Britain--History; Minorities--Great Britain--History; Race relations--Great Britain; Slavery; Equiano, Olaudah; Great Britain --Ethnic relations
Footage description: Footage - Portrait of Olaudah Equiano. Title page of Equiano's autobiography. B/w illustrations of slave ship, white man and slave, white man with slaves, slave capture in Africa, white men at African ceremony. David Dabydeen speaking. B/w illustrations of slaves being branded, woman with 'aggressive' slave. Paul Edwards speaking (0'28"-3'00") - B/w illustration: "A view in the island of Jamaica" by G. Robertson. David Dabydeen speaking. Price list for slaves. B/w illustration: "The Countess' Levee" by Hogarth. Portrait of Francis Barber. Paul Edwards speaking. David Dabydeen speaking. B/w illustration of Francis Williams. Portrait of David Hume. Portrait of Ignatious Sancho by Gainsborough (3'01"-6'14") - Paul Edwards speaking. Portrait of Sancho. Musical score for Minuetto composed by Sancho. Portrait of Equiano by Gainsborough. Paul Edwards speaking. Pages from Equiano's autobiography. Paul Edwards speaking (6'15"-9'07").B/w illustration: "Bahama Banks 1767" from Equiano's autobiography. Page from Equiano's autobiography. B/w frontispiece of Equiano from autobiography. Text from title page of Equiano's autobiography. Paul Edwards speaking (9'08"-11'29") - Pages from Equiano's autobiography. Paul Edwards speaking. Portrait of Equiano. Title page of autobiography. B/w profile drawing of Granville Sharpe. Paul Edwards speaking. B/w illustration of ship and drowning slaves. Painting: "Slaves throwing overboard the dead and dying" by Turner. Detail of painting. Paul Edwards speaking (11'30"-14'30") - Page from Equiano's autobiography. B/w illustrations of male and female hanging slaves. Paul Edwards speaking (14'31"-16'29") - B/w cartoon: "Abolition of the slave trade". B/w drawing of evolutionary heads (apes and africans). Portrait of the Duke of Somerset by Closterman. Painting: "Conversation of girls" by Joseph Wright. B/w engravings by G. Morland: slave trade and "African hospitality" (16'30"-17'58"). Painting: "Bombay" by Lambert & Scott. Painting: "Lord Clive meeting Mir Jafar" by Hayman. Painting of John Mombray and indian servants by Hickey. Portrait of Captain John Foote in indian dress by Reynolds. Painting: "Palmer family" by Zoffany. B/w drawing: "Times of day, noon" by Hogarth. Detail of drawing (17'59"-18'56") - David Dabydeen speaking. Portraits of Omai by Joshua Reynolds and William Hodges. Paintings of South Pacific scenes: "View of Vlietea" and "View of Otaha" by William Hodges. Portrait of Poedooa (chieftain's daughter) by Webber. B/w illustration of female hanging slave (18'57"-20'49") - David Dabydeen and Paul Edwards in discussion. Portrait of Equiano (20'50"-24'17").
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