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This programme looks at the relationship between the stated political commitments of the Surrealists and examples of Surrealist art.
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Module code and title: A316, Modern art: practices and debates
Item code: A316; 12
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:15
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Producer: Jeremy Cooper
Contributor: David Batchelor
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Artistic expression of the subconscious; Collage; Frottage; Grattage; Surrealist literature
Subject terms: Surrealism (Literature); Ernst, Max Criticism and interpretation
Footage description: Footage - B/w film of Max Ernst speaking on "Monitor" in 1961. Group photo from "La Revolution Surrealiste", 1924. Painting:"Oedipus Rex". Front page of "Le Surrealisme". Still of "Le Surrealisme" (0'14"-1'41") - Paintings:"Let's go dance the Tenebreuse", "Vision induced by the nocturnal aspect of Port Saint-Denis" & "Approaching Puberty". Dawn Ades speaking. Still:"Manifeste du Surrealisme" (1'42"-2'38") - Poster advertising Max Ernst exhibition at Tate Gallery in 1991. Panning back to view of Tate. David Batchelor walking to Tate. Southbank in background. Batchelor entering Tate through rotating doors. Gallery. Paintings:"Celebes" & "Oedipus Rex". Batchelor enters and stands in front of "Celebes". Detail. "Vision induced..." (2'39"-3'41") - Stills of "Quietude", "Unlimited meetings" & "One sees more than one notary". Painting "The landscape changes 3 times". Detail from "Oedipus Rex", "Celebes" & "Two naked girls". Batchelor looking at "Oedipus Rex". Various paintings. Painting:"Europe after the rain". Detail (3'42"-5'49") - Detail from "The unconciousness of the landscape", "Oedipus Rex" & "Vision induced..." Dawn Ades speaking. Heading:"La Revolution". Ades speaking. "Vision induced..." interspersed with Ades speaking (5'50"-8'13") - Batchelor in Tate Gallery, stands in front of "The Horde". Sarah Wilson speaking. "The Horde" detail. Book:"Modern German Art" Wilson speaking holding book. Still of b/w print of "The Horde". "The Horde". Wilson speaking. Paintings:"Landscape of St. George" by Altdorfer & "Temptation of St. Anthony" by Grunewald. Wilson speaking (8'14"-11'14") - Still of "La Revolution Surrealiste". Ades speaking. Batchelor beside "Europe after the rain". Wilson speaking interspersed with detail from "Europe..." (11'15"-14'22") - Stills:"Manifeste du Surrealisme" & "La Revolution Surrealiste". Ades speaking. Detail from "The Horde" & "Vision induced..." Batchelor looking at "Untitled". Ades speaking interspersed with details from "Untitled" & "Lets go dance..." "The landscape changes..." & "The immaculate conception". Details. Stills:"One sees more...", "Quietude" & "To tenderest youth". Ades speaking (14'23"-19'25") - Batchelor looking at "Europe..." Wilson speaking interspersed with details from "Europe..." "Two naked girls", "Vision induced..." & "The Horde". "Le Surrealisme". Page from "La Revolution Surrealiste". Wilson speaking. "La Revolution Surrealiste" & group photo. Ades speaking. Still:"Adresse au Pape". Ades speaking. B/w film of Max Ernst speaking on "Monitor" in 1961 (19'26"-24'14").
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Production number: FOUA356H
Videofinder number: 4747
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