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This programme looks at Rodin's career.
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Module code and title: A316, Modern art: practices and debates
Item code: A316; 01
First transmission date: 24-02-1992
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:24:12
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributor: Anne Wagner
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Balzac; Female nude; Gates of Hell; Male nude; Thinker
Subject terms: Sculpture; Rodin, Auguste, 1840-1917 Exhibitions Catalogues
Footage description: Footage - B/w photo of Rodin's funeral at Meudon. Detail. Villa at Meudon (Musee Rodin) Statue:"The Thinker" outside villa. Anne Wagner entering building. News clippings about Rodin from 1800s. B/w photo of Rodin and colleagues (0'22"-1'24") - Anne Wagner speaking in gallery. Statue:"The Kiss" panning out. Panning up "The Thinker". Detail. Paris street: Boulevard Raspail. Panning in to back of statue of "Balzac". Close up of inscribed base. Panning up to "Balzac". Statue"Denys Puech". Statue:"Balzac", close then distance shot (1'25"-3'23") - B/w caricature of paris Salon. Photo from 1898 Salon. Statues of "Balzac" in grounds of Musee Rodin & on Blvd Raspail. Pantheon. Caricature of vandalism to "The Thinker". B/w photo of "The Thinker" outside Pantheon,1800s. "The Thinker" outside Musee Rodin. Another view w/ Eiffel Tower behind (3'29"-4'36"). Interior gallery of Musee Rodin. Bronze statues. Exterior of Musee Rodin, panning across buildings. Caricature of Rodin and female models. Detail. Interior of Musee Rodin. Anne Wagner speaking beside "The Thinker". Statue:"The Kiss" panning to room. "Balzac" in museum grounds. Base of "The Thinker" panning to statue. "Balzac" on Blvd. Raspail. Interior gallery of Musee Rodin. Anne Wagner looking at sculptures. Sculpture:"Gates of Hell". Detail of figures (4'37"-9'29") - Sculpture of nude by Clesinger. "Gates of Hell". Detail. Anne Wagner speaking beside "Gates of Hell". Statue:"Danaide". B/w caricature of Rodin at work. Anne Wagner speaking in Musee Rodin. Sculpture:"Iris messenger of the Gods". Detail. B/w photo of "Balzac". Statue:"Balzac". Balzac clay models and original sculptures. "Balzac" on Blvd. Raspail. B/w caricatures of "Balzac". "Balzac" in grounds of Musee Rodin. Detail. B/w caricatures of "Balzac". Anne Wagner speaking in front of "Balzac" (9'30-18'30").B/w caricature of "The Thinker". Detail of "The Thinker" panning back. B/w photo of Pantheon. B/w caricature of vandalism to "The Thinker". "The Thinker". Sculpture of "The Thinker" figure in "Gates of Hell". "The Thinker" in interior gallery. Detail. Anne Wagner speaking (18'31"-21'02") - Blvd. Raspail panning to "Balzac". B/w caricatures of "Balzac". "Iris messenger of the Gods". "Danaide". Lamposts: female nude designs. B/w photo of Pantheon & "The Thinker". Pantheon today. Book about Rodin: b/w photos of his work. "Iris messenger of the Gods". B/w photo of Rodin in his studio. "Balzac" in grounds of Musee Rodin panning in to face (21'03"-24'13").
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