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The programme looks at some of the buildings and paintings of eighteenth-century Scotland, and discusses them in the context of the society, politics and intellectual currents of the time, particul...arly in relation to the Enlightenment It begins at Fort George, near Inverness, a barracks built by Scottish architect as a defence against the Highlands, and then moves into Edinburgh, and considers the building of the New Town in the late 18th-century. This is seen in the context of Scottish aspiration to equality with the English, following the parliamentary union of the two countries. The model village of Gifford is included as an example of rational town-planning by the Scottish aristocracy.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 04
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:18
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributors: Colin Cunningham; Chris Whatley
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Edinburgh; Fort George; Newhailes House; Robert Adam
Subject terms: Enlightenment--Scotland; Scotland --History --18th century; --Scotland --Intellectual life --18th century
Footage description: Footage - Scottish lake panning to surrounding countryside. Beach. Fort George on the Murray Firth. Exterior shots of Fort. 2 men crossing bridge and entering Fort. Long distance shot of men on bridge. Men talking under entrance arch. Hannoverian coat of arms. Bridge into Fort. Views of Fort (1'23"-2'53") - Houses at Fort George. Various Fort buildings from moving vehicle. Wall. Regiment of Gordon Highlanders rehearsing ceremonial parade. Gordon Highlanders marching. Lieutenant Governor and Governor's houses. Window. Soldier on duty in barrack square. Royal cypher and date on wall. Fort buildings. Gordon Highlanders marching (2'54"-5'25") - Newhailes House. Exterior views. Close ups of windows. B/w still photos of library. Exterior view of house. Chris Whatley speaking (5'26"-6'58") - Yester House exterior views. John Gifford speaking. Portraits of henwife of Grant family, Laird's champion, Laird's piper. 2 portraits of the Third Earl of Bute, by Aikman and Ramsey. Portrait of John Campbell in Highland dress. James Holloway speaking. Portrait of John Campbell (6'58"-11'45") - Chris Whatley speaking. Portrait of George Drummond by Alexander. Chris Whatley speaking. Portrait of Drummond. B/w illustration of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Views of Edinburgh. B/w still of Edinburgh town plans by James Craig (11'46"-14'04") - Town house exteriors. Register House exterior views. B/w illustration of Bridewell Prison. Edinburgh street. Church. George Street. Detail of church. George Street. Domed church in distance. Charlotte Square and buildings. John Gifford speaking. Charlotte Square. Exterior close ups of buildings. Interior of 7 Charlotte Square. Exterior views of houses (14'05"-17'51") - Chris Whatley speaking. Gifford village views. Spire and church. 18th century cottages. Wall and playing field. Market cross. Views of Gifford. Avenue leading to Yester House. Gates of Yester House (17'52"-21'04").B/w engravings of pin factory, felt making, women carrying fishermen, child carrying coal, children preparing iron ore. Painting of Charles Lord Hope, his brother and tutor. Portrait of Colonel William Gordon by Pompeo Batoni. Exterior views of Fort George. Gordon Highlanders Regiment marching. Views of Fort George. Gorse bush panning to estuary (21'06"-24'16").
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