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This programme discusses how Rousseau's theories on music led to his developing a whole new philosophical approach away from the other "scientific atheism" of the other enlightenment phil...osophers.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 14
First transmission date: 1992
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Charles Cooper
Contributors: Maurice Cranston; Andrew Sachs
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Diderot; Montmorency; Voltaire
Subject terms: Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778
Footage description: Footage - Painting:"Concert donne en l'honneur eur de la moussance du Dauphin" by Pannini. Extract from "La Serva Padrona". Painting:"The music party" by Watteau. Painting:"Les Plaisins du Bol". Voice reading "The Confessions, book 8" by Rousseau. Paintings:"The music lesson" by Watteau and "Italian comedy scene" by Lancret. Panning across and detail from the latter. Details from various paintings. Maurice Cranston speaking. Detail from painting:"A girl threading needle by candlelight" Paintings:"A lady by a mirror" and "Mademoiselle Camargo dancing". Detail from painting of musicians. Maurice Cranston speaking (00'20"-3'12") - Painting:"Rue de Coutance et place St Gervais, Geneve". Colour print of house. Paintings:"Le Pont Neuf la Samritaine" and "Une reunion chez Mad. Goeffrin". Details and panning across latter. Paintings:"Le a l'anglaise au temple chez le Prinze Conti" and "Le dejeuner d'huites, Chantilly". Detail shots (3'13"-4'46"). Maurice Cranston speaking. Portrait of Rousseau. Title page: "Les discours". Cranston speaking. B/w sketch: "Diderot and Voltaire with philosophers". Voice reading "Reveries of the solitary walker, third walk" by Rousseau. Detail of b/w sketch: "Diderot and Voltaire..." B/w and colour portraits of Rousseau (4'47"-7'46") - Cranston speaking. Page from "Discours" inc. illustration of woman. Cranston speaking. B/w portrait of Diderot. Colour portrait of Voltaire. Painting:"Interior theatre". B/w sketch:"Evening party 1770" Voice reading "The Confessions, book 8" B/w sketch:"Rousseau with herbs". Woodland path. Cranston speaking. Panning across woodland and up trees into bright sunlight. View of woodland. Cranston speaking. Colour print of white house, 'The Hermitage'. 'Musee Rousseau'(7'47"-10'46") - Country lane. Voice reading "The Confessions, book 10". Wooden door opening to small kitchen. Outdoor views of table on terrace panning to house. Cranston speaking (10'47"-13'46").Tree. Woodland. Wildflowers. Tree by pond. Cranston speaking. Flowers & insects. 'Musee Rousseau'. Birdcage hanging in open windows. Table beside fireplace. Kitchen. Birdcage panning to kitchen. Page:"Emile". B/w interior salon drawing. B/w sketch:"Rousseau departure". Cranston speaking. Colour portrait of Rousseau. B/w sketch:"The Stoning". Various colour prints of "Vue de L'Isle de Rousseau". Scientific prints of flowers. Colour prints of house & rabbit in boat(13'47"-19'58") - Colour portrait of Rousseau. B/w sketches:"Rousseau and walking stick" & "House amongst trees". Cranston speaking. Woodland scenes. Colour print of Rousseau's tomb. Trees. Carved stone. Waterfall & lake. Views of lake & trees. Rousseau's tomb at Ermenonville Lake(19'59"-24'20").
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