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This programme looks at the punishment in the eighteenth century, in particular comparing the system in England with that of France. Two exemplary cases are described: the hanging of Dick Turpin York and the dismemberment of Cartouche in Paris. The programme looks at how these punishments developed, how effective they were in deterring crime and in what ways, if any, they changed during the Eighteenth century in response to historical events and Enlightenment thinking.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 03
First transmission date: 06-04-1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:20
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Producer: Amanda Willett
Contributors: Clive Emsley; James Sharpe
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Hanging; Highwaymen; Reform; Torture
Subject terms: Punishment--England--History; Punishment--France--History; Cartouche, Louis Dominique; Turpin, Dick
Footage description: Footage - Portrait of judges. B/w illustration of tortured man. Text from "Bloody Code". B/w illustrations: execution of Robert Damiens, man on rack, man strapped down. Jim Sharpe speaking. Text from "Bloody Code". B/w illustrations: man tied to a tree, scaffold. Jim Sharpe speaking. B/w illustrations of scaffold and crowd, couple being held at gun point, man throwing woman into fire, brawl, spectators looking at multiple scaffold, crowd watching execution (0'22"-4'54") - B/w illustration of Dick Turpin on horseback. Prison bars on window. Turpin's prison cell in York prison. York castle and walls. Turpin's tombstone. Graveyard (4'55-6'10") - B/w illustration of surgeons dissecting executed criminal. B/w illustration of woman being tortured. Arlette Farge speaking. B/w illustration of criminal during public execution process. Arlette Farge speaking. B/w illustrations: woman during public execution, tortured criminals, woman being branded, man in pillory (6'11"-10'24"). B/w illustration of condemned prisoners being tortured. Text: "Le vice puni ou Cartouche". Cartoon strip showing Cartouche's arrest, imprisonment and execution. B/w illustrations of Cartouche in prison, public hanging, public burning. Jim Sharpe speaking (10'26"-13'24") - B/w illustrations: transportation ship, penitentiary. Engraving of Cesare Becarria. Title page of "An essay on crimes and punishments" translated by Voltaire. Jim Sharpe and Arlette Farge speaking. Painting of 18th century upper class gathering. B/w illustration of 2 men in pillory (13'25-17'15") - B/w illustrations: Robert Damiens, Damiens stabbing King Louis XV, Damiens' execution, Damiens in prison cell. Arlette Farge speaking. B/w illustration of courtroom. Details from courtroom illustration (17'16"-19'23") - Trees panning to stone with "Tyburn" inscribed on it. B/w illustrations: scaffold at Newgate prison, various riots at executions, man in prison cell, interior of pub, man in chains (19'24"-22'02").
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