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This programme examines the possible meanings of two notorious paintings by Edouard Manet - Olympia and Bar at the Folies Bergere.
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Module code and title: A316, Modern art: practices and debates
Item code: A316; 02
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:25:16
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributors: T.J Clark; Richard Derrington
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Folies Bergere; Modern art; Olympia; Prostitution
Subject terms: Manet, Edouard, 1832-1883 Criticism and interpretation
Footage description: Footage - Painting:"A Bar at the Folies Bergere" by Manet. Panning in on barmaid's face. Details from painting and complete views. Close ups of brush strokes on barmaid's face and clothing. More detailed shots (0'25"-7'53") - Tim Clark speaking in front of "A Bar at the Folies Bergere". Detail of fruit and bottles from painting. Tim Clark speaking. Detail of barmaid from painting, panning out (7'54"-9'23") - Painting:"Olympia" by Manet. Panning out from nude to whole painting. B/w caricatures of "Olympia". Details from "Olympia". Panning shots of painting. More detailed shots (9'24"-12'19") - B/w caricature of "Olympia". Painting:"Olympia". Painting:"Venus" by Titian. Detailed shots of "Olympia". Complete painting. Painting:"Venus" by Titian. Detail shots from "Olympia". B/w photo of nude. B/w framed photos of nudes. Detail and panning shots of "Olympia" (12'20"-18'50"). Painting:"A Bar at the Folies Bergere". Details from painting. Painting:"Olympia". "A Bar at the Folies Bergere": panning in to reflection of man in mirror. Detail shots from painting. "Olympia": panning in to nude's face (18'51"-22'15") - Peter Clark speaking. Paintings:"A bar at the Folies Bergere" and "Olympia". Details from both paintings (22'16"-24'15").
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