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The Encyclopedie, probably the greatest single enterprise of the eighteent century Enlightenment, was published in France between 1751 and 1772 and edited by Diderot and dAlembert. Giles Barber, cu...rator of the Taylorian Institution, Oxford, looks at the intentions of its editors, the problems associated with its publication, and the importance of its illustrative plates. Robert Fox, Professor of the History of Science, University of Oxford, discusses the emphasis in the Encyclopédie on science and technology, and Christopher Lawrence of the Wellcome Institute talks about the attitudes to medicine and surgery shown by the writers of the Encyclopedie.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 01
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributors: Giles Barber; Stephanie Clennell; Robert Fox
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Encyclopedias and dictionaries; Lithotomy; Medicine--Early works to 1800; Alembert, Jean Le Rond d', 1717-1783; Diderot, Denis, 1713-1784; Voltaire, 1694-1778
Footage description: Footage - Volumes of The Encyclopédie in bookcase. Spines of books. Man taking book from shelf and opening it at a table. Title page of volume. Spines of books. Giles Barber speaking. Title page. Page from Encyclopediee. Pages being turned. "Table of Human Knowledge" being opened out. Close ups of text (0'23"-4'02") - Book spines. Title page. False publishers' address. Book spines. Potted version of Encyclopédie & title page. Pocket version of Voltaire's "Candide" & title page. Encyclopédie plates of 18th century manual trades. Plates of printing workshop, printing tools, cutler's workshop, lacemakers (4'03"- 8'03") - Robert Fox speaking. Plate of iron foundry. Plates showing various stages of iron manufacture. Preliminary discourse page. Plates of prisms and light diffraction, workshop making mathematical compasses and instruments, water pumps and steam pumping engine (8'04"-11'21").Robert Fox speaking. Plates of cutler, dyeing and bleaching processes, iron foundry, tannery, wheelmakers, ropemakers, tanning, cross section of a mine, barbers & wigmakers and surgical instruments (11'22"-14'20") - Christopher Lawrence speaking. Title page & first page of Voltaire's English letters on innoculation. Pages being turned. 18th century surgical instruments in a case. Lancet. Plate of lancets. Plate of surgery depicted as an allegory. Plates showing cataract being cut, leg brace and devices for straightening bones (14'21"-17'26") - Wooden box of surgical instruments. Plate of surgeon drilling skull of patient. Surgical instruments. Plate of patient prepared for a lithotomy (removal of bladder stones). Plate of cross section of knife inserted into bladder. Various instruments used for lithotomy surgery. Plate of cross section of operation (17'27"-20'13"). Page from The Encyclopédie. Plate of surgical instruments. Plates of paper factory, rag pickers shop, fermenting vats and paper makers. Robert Fox speaking. Man replacing volume of Encyclopédie on shelf. Volumes of The Encyclopédie in bookcase (20'14"-24'08").
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