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A founder member of the Royal Academy of Art in London and one of the first women to achieve an international reputation as a painter, although today she is much less well known than her male conte...mporaries such as Reynolds and Gainsborough. The programme traces her early life in Switzerland, her artistic training in Italy and her connection with the English patrons that brought her to London; it examines her contribution as a history painter to the neoclassical style of her day both as a woman and as a painter.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 06
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:14
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Producer: Charles Cooper
Contributors: Gillian Perry; Wendy Wassyng Roworth
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Kenwood House; Neoclassicism; Royal Academy of Arts; Saltram House
Subject terms: Kauffman, Angelica; Royal Academy of Arts;
Footage description: Footage - Paintings: "Artist with character of Design listening to the inspiration of Poetry" and "Hesitating between Music & Painting" by Kauffmann. Gill Perry speaking. Self Portrait of Kauffman (0'20"-2'02") - Wendy Wassyng Roworth speaking. Paintings: "Design listening to the inspiration of Poetry", "Portrait of J.J. Kauffman" and "Self portrait aged 13" by Kauffman. Paintings of Piazzo Duomo in Milan and Piazza Signorias in Florence. B/w sketches of figures and of Rembrandt by Kauffman. "Self portrait 1763" by Kauffman (2'03"-4'21") - Paintings of Rome by De dipi Joli and Pannini. Paintings of Naples and Pompei. Portraits of Johann Winckelmann, David Garrick, John Byng and John Parker by Kauffman (4'22"-5'59") - Wendy Wassyng Roworth speaking. Paintings of the Thames, Whitehall and New Horse Guards from St James' Park by Canaletto. Portrait of Duchess of Brunswick by Kauffman. Statue: "Peace holding infant Wealth". Detail of portrait of Duchess of Brunswick (6'00"-8'48"). Portrait of Joshua Reynolds by Kauffman. Detail. B/w sketches of Reynolds and Kauffman by Nathaniel Dance. B/w sketch of N. Dance by Kauffman. Portrait of Kauffman by N. Dance. Self portrait by Kauffman (8'49"-10'48") - B/w illustration of Antique school at New Somerset House 1780. Painting: "Life school of the London Royal Academy" by Zoffany. Painting: "Vase of flowers" by Mary Moser. B/w sketch of Kauffman by N. Dance. 4 paintings: "Hector taking leave of Andromache", "Penelope taking down the bow of Ulysses", "Venus directing Aeneas & Achates to Carthage" & " Ulysses discovering Achilles" by Kauffman. Portrait of John Parker by Kauffman (10'49"-13'22") - Saltram House: exterior view. Interior views of Saltram House: great saloon. Ceiling of great saloon showing paintings. Paintings around walls of Saltram House. Main staircase. 4 paintings by Kauffman (named above). Details. Saloon interior. Greek images carved on fireplace (13'23"-17'09"). Painting: "Hesitating between Music and Painting" by Kauffman. B/w print of Somerset House in the Strand by Thomas Malton. Interior views of Burlington House. Roundels: "Imagination", "Composition", "Design" and "Colour" by Kauffman. Painting: "Zeuxis selecting a model for Helen of Troy" by Kauffman. Detail (17'10"-20'09") - Painting: "Design listening to the inspiration of Poetry" by Kauffman. Interior of Kenwood House. Library ceiling. Roundel: "The moral choice of Hercules" by Antonio Zucchi. Painting: "Cornelia mother of Gracchi" by Kauffman. Detail. Sculpture of Hercules. Painting: "Cornelia mother of Graachi" (20'10"-24'11")
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