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This programme concentrates on one important British collector, Charles Towney, whose collection of marbles is held in the British Museum.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 05
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:12
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributors: Colin Cunningham; Gerard Vaughan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): British Museum; Grand Tour; Johann Winckelmann; Marbles; Neo-classicism Piranesi; William Hamilton
Subject terms: Enlightenment; Sculpture, Classical; Townley, Charles
Footage description: Footage - Paintings: "L'arc de Titus", "L'arc de Constantin" and "Vue de Colisee" by Ducros. B/w etchings of round building in Italy, view of Rome, the Forum and palatial villa by Piranesi. Engraving of excavation of a statue c.1750. Portrait of 2nd Duke of Northumberland and tutor in Rome by N. Dance. Portrait of Lord Hope, his brother and tutor by G. Dance. Paintings: "Calais Pier" by Turner, "Pass of Les Echelles, Mont Cenis" by A. Beaumont. B/w engraving "A manner of passing Mont Cenis" by George Keate. B/w caricature: "A tour of foreign parts" by H.W. Bunbury. Painting: "British Milords in Rome" (0'22"-2'59") - Painting: Charles Townley's Gallery" by Zoffany. Views of the Townley Collection at the British Museum. Gerard Vaughan and Colin Cunningham speaking. Various Greek and Roman marble statues in the collection. Townley's receipts from Thomas Jenkins, Pironesi and Gavin Hamilton. Statue of 2 greyhounds (3'00"-5'09").Collection of marble busts. Busts of Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Sophocles and Homer. Views of the Townley Collection. Portrait of Johann Winckelmann. Statue of boy from a work by Polykleitos. Statue of a winged child. Views of Townley Collection. Statue of discus thrower. Tombstone sculpture of Xanthippos. Marble head of Hercules (5'10"-9'22") - Marble 'urn' restored by Piranesi. Detail on 'urn'. Bust of Clytie. Statue of Venus. Vaughan and Cunningham speaking. B/w engraving of restoration workshop by Cavaceppi. Statue of Venus (9'23"-11'51") - Painting: "Tribuna Gallery in the Uffizi, Florence" by Zoffany. Detail of the Medici Venus. Statue of Venus. "Townley Venus" (11'52"-14'09") - Vaughan and Cunningham speaking. Painting: "Charles Townley's Gallery" by Zoffany. Detail of Discobolos. Statue of Discobolos. View of collection. Painting: "Charles Townley's Gallery". Details of Baron D'Hancarville and a statue of drunken faun (14'10"-15'57"). Letter to Townley from Thomas Jenkins. Statue and b/w engraving of faun. Painting: "An excavation of an antique building" by Thomas Jones. Vaughan and Cunningham speaking. Book: engravings of objects in King of Naples' collection. B/w engraving of King of Naples. Title page. Pages with engravings. Statue of 2 figures. Carved figures (16'42"-19'59") - B/w engraving of tribute to Winckelmann. Book: catalogue of vases collected by William Hamilton. Etruscan vase. Wedgewood vase and engraving of original Greek vase. Wedgewood vase. "Portrait of William Weddell" by Batoni. Statue and busts. Painting: "Sculpture Gallery at Newby Hall". Paintings of Townley's home collection by W. Chambers. Painting of statue of Laocoon and sons. B/w etching of Laocoon statue. Statue of man with cloak. Views of Townley's collection (20'00"-24'10").
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