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1. Reading a building: this programme looks at how vernacular buildings in Wales can provide historical evidence about the lives of ordinary people. -- 2. Whitehall and The Louvre: This section com...pares the two great palaces of Charles I and Louis XIII - their design, the courts and the lifestyle of their regal occupants. -- 3. Reading a portrait: This section shows how to analyse portraits of the 17th century to learn more about the sitters, their artists and the historical context in which they were painted. The examples include Van Dyck's painting of the Earl of Strafford; Venetia Stanley, Lady Digby as Prudence; and Titian's portrait of Charles V. -- 4. Domestic buildings I: this section comprises a discussion about 3 Irish buildings built before 1630, which still surviv today: Dalway's Bawn, Monea Castle and Coppinger's Court, with special reference to their stylistic features and attitude to security. -- 5. Domestic buildings II: This section looks at buildings built after 1630 in Ireland and Brittany. -- 6. Interpreting schools: This section uses 3 examples - Heriot's Hospital, Corsham Free School & Sir John Moore's School to show what we can learn from buildings about education patronage and life in 17th century Britain.
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Module code and title: A220, "Princes and peoples: France and the British Isles, 1620-1714"
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