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This programme looks at 18th century landscape paintings, and at poetry that describes landscapes.
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Module code and title: A206, The Enlightenment
Item code: A206; 13
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:24:17
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributor: John Barrell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 18th century landscape paintings; Alexander Pope; Claude Lorrain; James Thompson; Mary Collier; Stephen Duck
Subject terms: Landscapes in literature; Poetry; Social change
Footage description: Footage - Painting: 'Landscape with David at the Cave of Adullam' by Claude Lorrain. Detail shots and view of whole painting. John Barrell speaking. Painting: 'Landscape with David...' being built up in sections. Complete painting. John Barrell speaking (0'22"-2'27") - Page from a poem: 'The progress of love' by John Littleton. John Barrell speaking. Close up then panning back of painting: 'Landscape with David...' John Barrell speaking. Page from a poem by John Thompson about Littleton's garden. John Barrell speaking. Painting: 'New Park, Surrey' by Adrian van Diest. 2 different views of the painting. View of whole painting panning in. Painting: 'England: Richmond Hill, on the Prince Regent's birthday' by Turner. Pan across painting. Painting: 'The Thames from Richmond Hill' by P. Tillemans. Detail shot (2'27"-7'42") John Barrell speaking. Painting: 'The Thames from Richmond Hill'. Page from poem by Thompson. John Barrell speaking (7'43"-10'21").Painting: 'Frederick Prince of Wales' by Philip Mercier. John Barrell speaking. Painting by Tillemans. Page from a poem by Thompson. Title page: 'Epistle to the Right Hon. Richard Earl of Burlington'. John Barrell speaking. Page from 'Moral Essays' by Alexander Pope (10'22"-11'50") - 2 paintings of 'Hartwell House' by Balthasar Nebot. Painting: 'Denham Place, Bucks' (Anon). Close up of painting. Painting: 'Hampton Court, Herts' by Leonard Knyff. John Barrell speaking. Painting: 'Woody Landscape, woman and child crossing a bridge' by George Lambert. Painting: 'Landscape with David...' by Lorrain (11'51"-15'49") - John Barrell speaking. Painting: 'The Dixton Harvesters' (Anon). Various detail shots of painting. John Barrell speaking. Title page: 'Poems on several occasions' by Stephen Duck. Page from poem 'The Threshers' labour' by Duck. John Barrell speaking (15'50"-21'05"). Page from poem 'The Threshers' labour'. Detail from painting: 'The Dixton harvesters'. John Barrell speaking. Title page from 'The Woman's labour: an epistle to Mr Stephen Duck' by Mary Collier. Page: 'The three wise sentences' by Mary Collier. John Barrell speaking. Detail from painting: 'The Dixton harvesters'. John Barrell speaking. detail from painting: 'The Dixton harvesters' (21'06"-24'18").
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