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5.Towns and patronage -- 6.The soldier's trade -- 7.Control in the community -- 8.Learning and patronage
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Module code and title: A220, "Princes and peoples: France and the British Isles, 1620-1714"
Item code: A220; VCRD
First transmission date: 1995
Published: 1995
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Duration: 01:36:59
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Track 1 5. Towns and patronage
Version note: FOUA450T
Track 2 6. The soldier's trade
Version note: FOUA444E
Track 3 7 .Control in the community
Version note: FOUA433T
Track 4 8. Learning and patronage
Version note: FOUA443K
Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributors: John Alexander; Clive Emsley; Anne Laurence; Robert Philip; Nick Rowling
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bibliotheque Mazarine; Bodliean Library; Cardinal Mazarin; Chipping Campden; Church of Burntisland; Church of Guimiliau; Church of St.Thegonnec; College de quatre nations; Corsham; Fort Nelson; Garvelines; Hospital general de la Saltpetriere, Paris; Hospital St Louis, Paris; Les Invalides; Marsh's Library; Merton's College; Military hospitals; Richelieu; Royal hospital Kilmainham; Sorbonne Chapel; St John's College; Thomas Bodley; Youghal
Subject terms: Almshouses; Benefactors; Hospital benefactors; Learning and scholarship; Libraries--History; Military art and science; Military history; Military hospitals; Poor--Services for; Public welfare; Chipping Camden (Gloucestershire) --History; --Poitou (France) --History
Master spool number: DOU8160
Production number: FOUA465F
Videofinder number: 5237
Available to public: no