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How the people of the new South Africa were affected by the kinds of issues Rousseau discussed in the 18th century.
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Module code and title: A103, An introduction to the humanities
Item code: A103; 10
First transmission date: 23-06-1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:24:05
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video A103/9,10,11,12. Programme also used for AZX103/10
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Producer: Jenny Bardwell
Contributors: Anthony Holiday; Derek Matravers
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Co-operation; Philosophy; Relationships
Footage description: Footage - South African coast. Extract from The Social Contract, 1762 (0'26-0'48") - Cape Town, South Africa. Rally call of the Freedom Charter (1'14"-204") - Enforcement of apartheid. Rioting. Bishop Desmond Tutu (2'18"-4'04") - People on streets of South Africa, 1988 (4'17"-4'33) - Injured people, protesting, 1990. Extract from the Social Contract. Rioting. President De Klerk announcing release of Nelson Mandela, 1990 (5'47"-7'01") - Release of Nelson Mandela. Voting, 1994 (7'20"-8'41") - People explaining the significance of voting. African music (9'46"10'49") - Crowd cheering Nelson Mandela. Extract from The Social Contract (12'05"-12'38") - ANC politicians. Voting form. Extract from The Social Contract. People in city (13'34"-14'27") - Shanty town (15'00"-15'30 ") - People talking in the street, community. Market (17'00"-18'23") - Extract from The Social Contract. Black & white children at school (18'59"-19'36") -African music (22'03"-22'42"). Extract from The Confessions, 1782 (23'07"-23'20").
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